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Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Gift For Me Just Because

Good morning everybody! I hope you get enjoyable weather this weekend. We will reach the sixties and it will be sunny. Until Sunday night!!! Snow and cold then. Yuck! Hello to new followers. Welcome.
It is such fun to receive packages. A gift for me just because, is really, really fun! Annette made this for ME! Such care in the wrapping. Annette does such pretty work. There is the most adorable, little spool hanging from the card she made me.♥
Isn't this great? She said she went with pinks and candy fun colors. ;) The linen is a pink candy cane striped 28 ct linen. Love it. That is one pink linen I did not own! The pretty pink lace trim will be put to use!♥ Now, the pouch. Can you tell Annette has mastered the technique?! She really knows what she is doing. I am so happy. This is my first zippered pouch. =) Such time and effort put into it. And especially for me too. Thank you once again Annette. What a special friend you are.

I am almost done with my third little giftie. Actually this would be a fourth one, as I cannot decide which to send on, number 3 or 4. I will decide this weekend, and then send this on it's way.Still no word on the other two gifts being received.

Jacob returned to us last night. He had been on a retreat offered through school. This was an optional retreat, so it was an intimate group of almost 30 seniors. We parents waited in the chapel to welcome them back. It was a special time, rather emotional. The children felt it was a life changing experience for them. Guess who came in the chapel right as we were ready to start? The new mom with her tiny babe! She is a senior herself, and a few of her friends went on this retreat, so she wanted to be there when they returned. =) She sat across the chapel from Brian and I, facing us. She spotted us and smiled. We went to her after the service. She was so happy and thankful. She said she recognized us and knew who we were. We had signed our names on the card with the gift. We never knew she knew of us though. And guess what Shirlee?? She positively beamed as she pointed out to me, "See, she is wearing the outfit." The precious little outfit you gave her Shirlee. It fits, with a bit of room to spare. What really touched my heart, is that I had only delivered it to the office at school that very morning. She went home to her child after school, and put her in that outfit planning to show that precious child to us. =) Oh, I am such a softie. I am crying again at this very moment!! The little baby girl is just so beautiful. Dark, fluffy hair and dark brown eyes.

So....... I finished A Place Of Remembrance. Very good book. Well, I am off to start the day friends. I hope you all have a stitchy weekend.

Stitching and praying,


Margaret said...

What a lovely gift! And how special about the retreat for the seniors and the mother and baby.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

What a beautiful and special gift :) Its cute as a button!

Trace4J said...

What a beautiful gift.
Nothing better than being able to stitch and pray.
Woolie Blessings

Shirlee said...

What a lovely gift from Annette! And I'm so glad to hear the mother & baby liked the little outfit I sent, but more importantly I'm glad that she came to the church with her baby to welcome her friends back from the retreat. What a special girl she is! Oh, & please get your guestroom ready ... I'll be arriving on Sunday night : )

Giovanna said...

Great gift from Annette, how sweet of her :-)

butterfly said...

Such a sweet post Vickie you almost started me crying.

What a beautiful gift from Annette for a very sweet person. You have a heart of gold, bless you, hugs.

cucki said...

aww super cute gift..
love for you x

Catherine said...

What a sweet gift! And how it must have warmed your heart that you touched the lives of the young mother and her little girl! You did good!

Maggee said...

You are so sweet! Really nice giftie there! Hugs!

Nicola said...

What a lovely post.

Annette-California said...

You are most welcomed Vickie. Glad you like your gifts:) And reading about the young new mom, her baby wearing Shirlee's outfit - How special and what a lovely compliment as to her dressing the baby as fast as she had for Chapel. Oh I get goosebumps. You have a wonderful and blessed week Vickie:)
love Annette

Siobhán said...

What a lovely gift! Both for you and for the young mom--that is so special.

Chris said...

What a lovely gift from Annette! The colors and fabric are beautiful.
So glad that your son is home and had an amazing time.
How wonderful to hear that the young Mom is doing well and that you and Shirlee were so kind.

Melanie said...

What a lovely gift!! It's so adorable - just LOVE the fabrics she used. Pink candy cane? YES PLEASE.

Peggy Lee said...

You and Shirlee were such a blessing to that young mom. That is something she will never forget. I had my son when I was 18 and I can remember the kindness that was shown to me to this day.
Thanks for sharing the story....very uplifting.

Carol said...

Annette's gift is so, so pretty, Vickie--she certainly knows how much you love pink :)

It sounds like the kindness of you and others has really made a difference in the life of the young mother... I'm sure she is most thankful!

Meari said...

The zippered pouch is soo pretty!