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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A*Pink*Christmas, At Least On The Front Porch ;)

Good morning my friends! Hello to my new followers. I am so glad to have all my friends come visit me, new and old.

Well I have been busy making things. And none of it cross stitch! Since the kids were home for 5 days because of the holiday, I could not stitch on the XI ornaments. This is a picture of our front porch taken yesterday afternoon.
I have had the little pink Christmas tree with pink lights for a few years now. I just made the wreath over the weekend. I found the book Have Yourself A Very Vintage Christmas at the library. Well, when I found that 50's wreath, I just had to make it. I was rather surprised Brian is agreeable to it. But I am glad.♥ I think it looks pretty good with the pale pink bricks in our home.
While shopping at JoAnn for my wreath supplies, I spotted the perfect fabric for a pair of pajama pants for Emerson. He keeps growing!!! He is 6'3" now, the tallest in the house.
I teased him and said he would look like a tall tree with this fabric. ;) He likes such different fabric than me. He is very artistic. I have made him pj pants before. Actually this is the seventh time I have sewn these for the family, everyone but me! I use the tutorial found here. I decided from the start to keep them simple and I skip the whole cuff thing.
I also found some really nice yellow fabric at JoAnn. My kitchen is pale yellow. I am telling you it is hard to find pretty yellow fabric at JoAnn. I kind of look for it occasionally, so that when I do find some I get it. So I bought small quantities. That's all I need to make two hot pads. I made one last year using a pattern I found in another library book. This one I just went on memory and guess work.
I like it! I have two other yellow fabrics, to make another hot pad, but not just yet. The kids are back to school and I need to get their ornaments done before St. Nick's!
So this is "Fuzzy Wuzkins" in her new bed I stitched up for her. I had the fleece for months, waiting until it was time to replace her last bed. I should be giving Mabel her hair cut this week by the way. I just gave Brian and Emerson theirs! Always something right?

I don't use a pattern for these dog beds, I just wing it.

I finished reading The Sanctuary by Ted Dekker. Wow! What a good book. I have never been disappointed in a book by him. And I have read 35 books by him!! He writes pretty wild thrillers about good vs. evil.

Well off to the treadmill and then to stitch. I hope you have a fabulous day my friends. Thanks for visiting me! Come again.♥

Stitching and praying,


Margaret said...

Love your pink Christmas display! So cute! And wow, you are quite the seamstress! I'm so impressed by all you made! I never dare to just go for it and make things.

gracie said...

Glad you use Jo Ann Fabrics! Your sewing projects look great.

Giovanna said...

So nice to see pink decorations - unusual, but lovely.

Carol said...

Your vintagey pink Christmas decorations look great, Vickie--too funny that you even have pink bricks :)

And how nice that you can sew clothing for your very tall son! I'm sure he appreciates clothes that actually fit him well... Cute potholders and Mabel looks very comfy in her new pink bed... Glad you are finding such helpful books at the library!

cucki said...

sweet pink decorations..
your sewing project s looking wonderful..
love cucki

Nicola said...

Hello Vickie

Mabel's bed looks great, you could go into business making personalised doggie beds.

I just love your pink Christmas theme. Your DH is a star to agree.

butterfly said...

What talent you have. love every thing and you porch looks great in the pink my DD would love that Pink, hugs.

Nicky said...

Pretty in Pink! Even Mabels bed is a match too.....

Annette-California said...

Your wreath came out beautiful. The tulle looks so airy and pretty - I love the pink. You did a incredible job Vickie. And your tree - pink ...lovely. I have to go back and look at it again.
love Annette

Michelle said...

The wreath is so beautiful - I love that soft pink! The doggie bed is sweet - she looks so comfy!

Gray Bonnet said...

I absolutely love your front porch decorations. So lovely and unique!

Maggee said...

Okay--LOVING the pink wreath! If I cannot find that book, I will be emailing you for help! The jammies idea is terrific--my son is thin and very tall too, and he sure could use some new ones... Hugs!

Lillie said...

I love your pink projects, simply gorgeous and Mable is loving hers too, no doubt about it.

You sew beautifully; hotpad, pj and all.

Chris said...

I love your wreath Vickie! All your sewing projects... you are such a talented lady. Your household is lucky, you keep them all warm and snug.

Michelle said...

So different but lovely x

Myra said...

Look at that Mabel, all comfy and cozy. Sweet pink tree and wreath - my guys would never go for that but I love it. Thanks for the PJ link, I may have to give those a try.

Catherine said...

Aaawwwww.....sweet Mabel!!
Love all of your pink ~ my husband and boys would give me the "you have three heads" look if I would try to decorate with pink!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

That's a lot of pink!

Siobhán said...

You are so creative, Vickie! I love the pink. Mabel is adorable in her new bed. :)

Solstitches said...

Goodness you have been very busy Vickie and everything you've made is just lovely.
The pink porch decoration looks fabulous and what a cute doggie bed.
Love the potholder.
Wow, those PJ pants must take a lot of fabric for such a tall young man!

Trace4J said...

SO pink vintage pretty Friend!
Woolie Hugs

Sally said...

I love your pink tree and wreath. They are gorgeous.

You have been very busy and everything looks great. Mabel looks very cosy in her new bed.

Meari said...

My mom would LOVE your pink tree and wreath... she's a pink fan too.

You've been busy sewing up some nice projects. Congrats on your finishes. Could you share how you made Mabel's bed?

Melanie said...

Love the pink decorations! They are the perfect shade. VERY vintage-y.