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Friday, August 3, 2012

Poodle Paws

Hey everybody! Mabel wanted to be part of Parsley's PAWty!

 I received Mabel as a Mother's Day gift 3 years ago. Brian surprised me with this decision. I wanted a toy poodle 3 dogs ago! We brought her home, and the kids were caught completely off guard. Emerson asked, "Is that a toy?" :) She was only a 2 lb black puffball.

Here is my very short, super adorable video of Mabel to share with you.

♥SQUEE!! ♥

I finished reading Lady In Waiting by Susan Meissner. Wonderful, excellent book. If you like historical fiction, read this.Take a look here for a short idea of what the book is about. I enjoy this author. Have not read a book by her I do not like. I have now just begun the latest book by Ted Dekker, my favorite author. :) It's called Mortal: The Book of Mortals. This would be book 2 of this new series.

I did most of the finishing on my latest pinpillow. Not completely done though. Will finish that up today. So I will have pictures for you soon. I hope to share some more photos with you next week of a present I made up recently.

Finishing and praying,


Giovanna said...

What a cutie - she's adorable!

cucki said...

She is so sweet xxx

Peggy Lee said... made me say "Awwww". Mabel is a cutie! She looks so soft!

I tried to watch the video but it said "this video is currently unavailable, try again later" I will!


Parsley said...

Adoreable! I love toy poodles. They are so smart and soft. Thanks for joining the fun!

Cindy's Stitching said...

so cute.

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous!

gracie said...

What a face!

butterfly said...

Such a cutie want to cuddle right now, hugs.

Sally said...

She is so sweet! What an adorable poodle!

Melanie said...

The video is ADORABLE!!

Anne said...

Oh my! Mabel was soooo adorable (still is) as a wee puppy! Love the video! Hugs!!