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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lunch Bag And Pinkness

Hi everybody! Welcome new followers! So glad to have ALL of you here.

This is what I stitched up the other day for Miss Madeleine. I found the tutorial online here. She was not pleased with the lunch bags we found around town.

We found this cute purse at Goodwill a while ago. A Kate Spade purse.

In great condition. Ready for it?? $7.99! hee hee

Found these at Kohl's Department Store a few days ago on clearance for $13.99. :)

Never owned Crocs before. They are comfy. :)

I already owned these.

Don't you own pink shoes?? :)

Take care friends. Thanks for taking the time to leave me comments. You are so sweet. ♥

If you want to win the chart I am giving away, see yesterday's post.

Stitching and praying,


cucki said...

aww lovely pink...
love the bags and pretty shoes :)
enjoy xxx

Janet P said...

You are definitely in the 'pink'!!!

Trace4J said...

Adorable bag.
Love the pink shoes too.
I don't own pink but I do own lots of red. :)
Have a great day

Giovanna said...

Love that bag - well done!

Carol said...

Madeleine's new lunch bag is adorable, Vickie! And what a steal for the Kate Spade purse--wow!!

I can't say I've ever owned a pair of pink shoes, but I bet they make you smile each time you put them on :)

Chris said...

Sweet lunch bag. I love the fabrics.
Great new pink finds!

Peggy Lee said...

Love the lunch bag! I'm not sure that my sewing abilities stretch that far.
Wow...those sure are pink shoes! I've never owned a pair of crocs.
Great find on the purse. It's cute.

marly said...

Since I am a boring colorless dresser, I absolutely adore wearing colored shoes! Unfortunately I don't have many!

Melanie said...

Great new finds. :)
I don't have pink shoes but I have screeching bright lime green ones and I just ordered a pair of hot purple ones. So I've got the other end of the spectrum covered. lol

Michelle said...

Oh I love the bag so much x

Catherine said...

Love the lunch bag!!
I've never had pink shoes ~ those are cute!

Margaret said...

What a great bag you made for Madeleine! Beautiful! Love the pinkness too! I have to admit I don't own pink shoes. I think. Have to think about this. lol!

Brigitte said...

Ahhhh, pink. And pink shoes. I love pink but I don't have pink shoes. I might be a little too old for these, lol. Or not? Lol.

Anne said...

Ooooh a Kate Spade purse for 7.99?!?!?! You lucky girl! Love those cute crocs too...prettiest ones I've seen. Don't own any pink shoes, but lots of red!!