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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Silent Night, Holy Night

 Hi friends! I have not posted for so long, it will be much easier for me to just start with my recent finishes and go from there. Sorry. I am just losing my blogging enthusiasm. 

🌟Silent Night, Holy Night🌟by Barbie Laux of Twisted Willow Designs. 

Not such a great picture. It was snowing and overcast here. This pattern is found in the December 2023 issue of JCS. I stitched this on WDW 35ct Gunmetal linen from my stash. It called for black linen, but this works too. I needed a small count, and did not have a small count black linen in my stash. I used most of the called for DMC. The JOY sign is from Hobby Lobby on sale for $5. This is a Christmas present I  gave to Brian today, on our Orthodox Christmas.


Our Lasting Friendship by Blackbird Designs. 

I finished it! Eight of us in our local cross stitch group did a round robin with this pattern this year. I used the called for colors, EXCEPT I replaced CC Straw Hat with GA Raspberry Frost like Lisa and Margo did. This is 40 count tea-dyed (by me) linen. I also changed the little doggies into 🐩 of course! I have a thrifted frame I have given to our son Emerson, the carpenter. He is going to cut it to size for me, and then I will pin it and frame it.


I have begun a new sampler for this year. It is by Artful Offerings and it is called God Bless America. This is a picture of the pattern: 

My soul follows close behind You  Psalm 63:8

Thanks for stopping by today and catching up with me. I hope to continue blogging. I do know it will not be as often as I used to. I just don't "feel" that anymore if I am to be honest.

I hope you have a wonderful week my friends!

Stitching and praying,


MartinaM said...

The pattern fits perfectly into the Joy lettering.
And your round robin looks great, I really love the pattern from BBD.
I wish you a happy new year and hope you had a nice Christmas.

butterfly said...

Happy New Year Vickie , You have been busy with all your lovely stitching , always love to see what you have stitched , hugs June.

Manuela said...

I like your finish very much. It looks great.
Your RR sampler is perfect and the poodle is Vicky style. :)
Your new Sampler looks beautiful. Happy Stitching my friend.
Hugs, Manuela

Marilyn said...

Silent Night is perfect in that frame.
Friendship is so pretty.
I hope we don't get too much snow!

Stasi said...

Both your finishes are the sampler and the friendship behind it. Hobby Lobby is such a good source for finishing ideas!

Robin in Virginia said...

Both finishes are fabulous, Vickie. Love the piece for Brian. Your friendship sampler is a treasure. What memories it holds! Are you and your stitch group going to do another round robin? I love the sampler you have started for 2024. I think you should blog when you want and if that is less, then that is okay. Be happy with it!

Carol said...

It's nice to see your new post, Vickie! I know you have a lot on your mind and blogging is not at the top of your list. I go through periods of thinking about quitting, too. Maybe just post once or twice a month like I do? I still love having more of a detailed record of my life and stitching than Instagram can provide.

Your Joy/Silent Night finish is darling! And congratulations on finishing your round robin piece--love the little poodle you added! Have fun with the pretty new God Bless America sampler--it's lovely. They have such creative designs. I just ordered a bird one for myself :)

Wishing you and your family all the best in the coming year, my friend... ♥

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Great finished projects Vickie. I understand how you feel about blogging. I had got out of the habit of reading them and have now restarted.
At least I see your finishes on Instagram.