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Friday, April 7, 2023

Easter Blessings

 Hi friends! All the snow has left us here FINALLY! I am not saying it is warm at night. Not at all, but we are warming up!

🐑Paschal Lamb🐑

This was a freebie I stitched many years ago that is no longer available. The Steiff lamb is my Mom's toy from when she was a girl.


🐥April Cubby Shelf Display🐥 

Almost all of these are stitched over one.The tall, thin scissors motif on the bottom is a new addition for the cubby shelf. My friend Lisa in New York stitched that for me, and I mounted it in the cubby shelf so I can look at it every day.🥰

🌸🐰April Corner Shelf🐰🌸 I added another bunny this year.


💗Eliza’s French Birds 1849💗by JBWDesigns.

This is my progress on the #jbwelizasfrenchbirdsal on Instagram I am doing with several ladies. I am stitching mine with all the called for flosses on 36ct Iced Cappuccino linen. 

I noticed the berries were charted to be mainly red, but the picture shows them mainly pink. There is a picture inside the pattern also of the original antique sampler. That too has mainly pink berries. So I ripped out the few berries I began stitching and stitched them mainly pink. I like this better of course! 😍

This is the project I am continuing to stitch on until it is done.


I am suffering with myofascial back pain. Sitting for too long brings it on. I have to remember to get up after 30 minutes ALL DAY LONG. By the end of the day my lower right back hurts very bad. I went back to the physical therapist I saw last year who is licensed in dry needling, Mike. He is very nice, but what he does is not! It hurts SO BAD! And it hurts BADLY for over half a week. I just don't know that I can keep doing this for who knows how long. I am hoping this time is different. I took Tylenol before my appointment and after. I am going to stay on that for a while to get me through this. It definitely hurt less yesterday than last week's appointment. 

My stitching buddy from our stitch group is bringing me a book on myofascial pain and treatments. She has it because it also covers fibromyalgia, which she has. I have tried a few different treatments already, but I may learn something from the book. It can't hurt to read!

For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 1 Corinthians 1:18

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you have a wonderful, Blessed Easter my friends! Brian and I will be celebrating with our families also. Brian and I celebrate our Orthodox Easter next Sunday. 

Stitching and praying,


butterfly said...

Beautiful Easter display .
So sorry about your back , try lying flat for a few moments a day ,it helps me
when I have a bad back , but when you get up roll on to your side to get up.
Not sure what it does but it works for me , worth a try .
Have a wonderful Easter , so happy that the snow has gone for you, hugs June.

Manuela said...

Hello Vickie,
I like your April decoration. It is so beautiful.
A nice new start. Happy Stitching at this motif.
Happy Easter and a big Hugs, Manuela

Donna G. said...

Easter blessings to you and your family. Will keep you in my prayers. ❤️

Robin in Virginia said...

Your April displays on the corner shelf and cubby shelf are lovely, Vickie. Your progress on the JBW piece is looking so good. Praying that you find relief for your back pain. Thinking of you, my friend!

marly said...

Hi VIckie. I had myofascial release massage several years ago and it brought tears. Never had the dry needle. I used the rumble roller after to keep it manageable. I hope your next appt offers more relief! I feel bad that you've had difficulties and pain for so long!

Purple Pixie Dust said...

I hope you start to feel better. I am well on my way to recovering this time. Had a small meltdown today but Dave was here to help me thru it. I just can't believe I got so sick in three months and it took three months to find out what was so wrong with me. I just found out from the nurse yesterday that they had to put me out for three days after the operation on my heart and lungs so my lungs could heal. No wonder I could not figure out the days, I was missing three and they would not let Dave come until I was awake. Poor man went crazy worrying about me. Glad to be home. I have invested in some ankle boots to help with my weak ankles. It's all part of me having trouble getting up from a chair and walking upstairs. I got one today and put it on my bad foot and ankle and ordered another which should show up Tuesday. The one feels better already. I thought they came in pairs but that's okay the other will be here soon.

Now I hope you can get better and feel good. Hope you have a nice weekend. big hugs Lynda Ruth

diamondc said...

Vickie: The Pascal Lamb is such a beautiful design, how sweet it is that you have your mothers lamb from her child-hood.
All your displays are beautiful, love the new cubby shelf addition.
Nice change to the berries.
I hope you can get some relief soon, Mike uses a back pillow he found on Amazon, it is working some for his back pain.


Stasi said...

Love all your bunnies, Vickie! Your SAL is lovely! Hope you ge relief soon!

Carol said...

So many cute bunnies on your shelves and in your cubby, Vickie. I didn't even get all of mine out this year for some reason. Oh, well! They'll all look brand new to me by next year :)

I'm so sorry about your back pain. That sounds like a horrible treatment and I do hope going through all that is at least worth while at some point. My husband used to have terrible incapacitating back pain until he began exercising and strengthening his core. I know it must bring tears to your eyes and I do hope and pray things improve soon! Take care now and I wish you a blessed orthodox Easter this coming weekend ♥

Jackie's Stitches said...

It definitely never hurts to read and learn on your own. It was by doing this that I discovered the reason why I had three miscarriages. The info I found also had a solution for it too that worked! So keep reading and learning! I don't believe that can ever hurt!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It’s always lovely to see your latest cubby and corner displays, especially when a friend has sent you something new to show.
Sorry to hear about your back, I hope the treatment does work even if it’s painful. Maybe the book will have some ideas of other things you can try.