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Friday, December 2, 2022

13 years old today!(READ DOWN TO THE BOTTOM)

 Hi friends! I did finish this before the end of November. 😉

🦃November's Chrysanthemum🍁by Cottage Garden Samplings. I stitched this one over two on 40ct lambswool linen with DMC and VMSS. 

I am making flat finishes out of all twelve months and mounting them with a magnet to this finishing piece I got from Hobby Lobby. One more month to go!!😁


🎄❄️December Cubby Shelf Display❄️🎄Almost all of these are stitched over one.

I am now stitching up a tiny Christmas piece. As in, over one on 36 count.

How are you doing on Christmas preparations? I only have my cross stitch decorations out. I have just barely begun addressing the Christmas cards and have not made any Christmas cookies yet. That is where I am at. 

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.  Galatians 6:2

I hope you have a wonderful, warm weekend my friends! Thank you for stopping by!

Stitching and praying,


Today is little Henry's 13th Birthday!


butterfly said...

Such a sweet design, one to go, well done Vickie.
Have a lovely December, I am almost ready, I will dress the lounge today, then the dining room next week. Then add a few bits around the house.
Have a good week hugs June.

Claudette497 said...

I'm not sure if it's the blog or the stitching that's 13, but happy blogversary or congrats on the finish! All we have up are our Christmas lights, and that's only because our neighbor has small children; for us and the dog all I've gotten done is putting away all things pumpkin and turkey.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Lovely finishing, great idea to finish flat and use magnets. I presume it's your 13 blog adversary- congratulations

Manuela said...

A lovely finish with your November flowers. I like it.
Your cubby shelf for December looks wonderful as always.
Have a nice weekend.
Hugs, Manuela

Donna G. said...

Happy birthday to Henry!

diamondc said...

Merry Christmas Vickie: I think Henry is adorable, what a sweet face,13 is a long time on this earth for a dog, you are truly blessed to have him this long.
You have so many great ideas for mounting your finished designs, thank-you for sharing with us.
Your fall display is sweet as is the shelf.


Robin in Virginia said...

Happy birthday wishes to Henry! Your November monthly piece looks so pretty. Love the color palette! Your cubby is lovely for December. Will you be doing a monthly series in 2023? Have it narrowed down to what if you are? Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

Stasi said...

Love that cubby as always! Happy Birthday to Henry!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Henry! Hope he has a special treat coming his way. Your November finish is lovely and your cubby filled with so many cute finishes, Vickie. Christmas preparations are going VERY slowly here. It will be a quiet Christmas though with just my middle son and his girlfriend visiting. Enjoy your day ♥

MartinaM said...

The November motif is again really fitting and perfectly staged. And your display is perfect too.
I have now decorated, every year I set up my Christmas village, cookies are also baked, one more variety and I'm done. Otherwise I take it easy and enjoy the time.
Happy Birthday little Henry, stay healthy.
Hugs, Martina

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

I love your Ornaments and I love your Display of Everything is so pretty.

Happy 13th Birthday to your Furbaby

Take care & Happy Stitching

Linda K, Buttercup

marly said...

Happy birthday Henry! I am glad to see the 40 count was over two!! Hope you are feeling better each day.

Jackie's Stitches said...

Happy Birthday Henry!

We are also in the slow lane for getting decorations up. It will happen when it happens and all will be well. I have thought briefly about making some cookies and putting them in the freezer for the holiday. I don't eat sugar (because it makes me hungry for EVERYthing) but I would probably enjoy the act of baking and could send some to my son in Vermont (he's travel nursing).

How are you feeling?

Astrids dragon said...

Look at you, only one month to go! Another lovely month. I have mine sitting in a box, still waiting to be fully finished.
The lights are up outside and the "candles" are in the windows, but that's it so far. Hoping to get to it tomorrow!

Astrids dragon said...

Oops, I missed wishing Mr. Henry a Happy Birthday! I'm sure you spoiled him, as it should be.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Happy Birthday to Henry!
Well done on completing November and only having one more month to go.
Over one on 36 count is a good challenge!