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Sunday, April 11, 2021


 Hi friends! 💐 I made these cute wool flowers with punch needled centers. The pattern for them is from the 2020 Summer issue of Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine. I decided to add leaves. I think it looks okay?

I am still stitching Sweet Pea. 🐇

I have had this audio book waiting and waiting, and I finally read it! If I knew it was this good, I never would have left it waiting! Jennifer Robson "embroidered" a magical moment in royal history, What a fantastic story of friendship, loss, love, and redemption. If you read it, did you also enjoy all of the many sewing details?? I sure did!

Well the appointment with the physiatrist has finally arrived! I see him Wednesday. We are praying this man can offer me a solution to the pain I am in. The numbness is rarely ever there now, but sitting is not good, and sleeping is bad. And I don't know about you, but I like my sleep! I enjoy it! I look enjoy getting into bed with little Henry and cuddling up and blanking out after prayers. No more. Pain has kept me up for months. Or pain wakes me. 😞 It is the pits, and I would really like to get a steroid shot to get some relief. I am hopeful! I do not think this will happen Wednesday though.

“I wait for the LORD, my soul does wait, and in his word do I hope.” Psalm 130:5

I hope you have a wonderful week my friends! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and say Hi! I appreciate it.💗

Stitching and praying,



butterfly said...

Love the flowers Vickie.
I sure hope they can fix your pain .
I know with my arm how pain can make sleep hard.
Hugs my friend.

Manuela said...

So beautiful your pink flowers. The right colour for you.
Hope your pain will be better soon.
Have a nice new week. Manuela

Marilyn said...

Those flowers are too cute!
I pray you get some answers to your pain.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your wool flowers are so pretty, Vickie! Continuing to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Praying this doctor will be able to offer you a plan/solution to your pain.

Georgia said...

Hi Vickie, the flowers are so cheerful! I love them.
I have been thinking about you and so glad you will see a doctor this week. I do understand your pain, and being up at night. When this happens I look up to my God, and say Lord, what/who would you like to me pray about. This helps, but I know He understands my need for sleep. As for me, I am still moving slowly, one Physician Assistant said she thinks I have a problem with the sacroilliac joint in my hip, my primary physician, also said he thought the problem was in my hip. My back doctor truthfully said "I don't know," but my back is fine. He did refer me to another physician that I see April 19. Oh, and early on a ER Doctor said I had a pulled muscle. Anyway, I have put all of this in the divine hands of the Great Physician. Have a very blessed week my friend and please know you are on my heart and prayers. Some of those prayers may be in the middle of the night:)

Vicki said...

The flowers are cute! Praying for your appointment and for pain relief.

Carol said...

Pretty flowers, Vickie! And the leaves look great!

So hoping the doctor can help you, Vickie... I can't imagine what chronic pain must feel like. I have sporadic sciatic pain, but, so far, it is manageable. My mom got regular cortisone shots every 3 months for many, many years and they helped her live without nearly as much pain as she could have had. Praying for you and your doctors! ♥

Stasi said...

The flowers are cute.....hope all goes well with the doctor and you can get some relief!

Annie said...

Hope you get some help with your pain. Life is so hard when we are unwell... I too LOVE snuggling in bed with my little furbaby rolled up next to me under the duvet; it is so precious <3 Keeping my fingers crossed for you tomorrow <3!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your flowers are lovely. Hope the visit went well today.

Astrids dragon said...

Pretty pink flowers, and adding the leaves is definitely adds to it.
Ok, I've now added that book to my list to listen to, thanks!
I hope your appt went well and you were able to get some answers and especially relief.

Barb said...

I have had a busy week so by now you have seen the Dr. I sure hope some relief was offered to you! Pain is not fun to live with. You remain in my prayers!