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Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Memories

Hi friends! We are having the mildest December I ever remember in my life! It was 56º yesterday!!

I want to share with you a RAK I received from our friend Marsha. She sent me two fantastic pink fabrics for the Epic Pink Tumbler Quilt.
Thank you Marsha! I squealed when I opened this package. I truly love both of these. :)

We have a narrow Christmas tree. Since the children get an ornament from us each year, and we of course have many of our own also, there is no way they all fit on the tree. I decided many years ago that there will always be time in the future to put all of our ornaments on the tree. So I decorate the back of the tree with some of ours. The children each choose a side of the tree or the front. They work it out and take turns. ;) Murphy helped me trim the tree on Monday.
When he is not taking naps during the day, Murphy sticks by my side. Except for being very naughty for grooming, he is a sweet, old man.

Aren't these neat?
I was given this box of handmade clothes pin reindeer by Esther, an elderly woman from our church that I visited many years ago. Ernie, her husband made them. I loved visiting Esther and Ernie. They loved talking with me and enjoyed Madeleine. She was only a toddler back then. Ernie loved all things Christmas. After Ernie died, Esther gave me Ernie's reindeer. Precious.

Would you like to see the very first ornament my parents gave me as a baby?
And here is a special felt ornament. Brian's grandmother made this spotted elephant many years ago.
She gave us a bag of her ornaments many years ago, not long after we were married. She is in heaven now. It is quite special to own about one dozen of her creations and a few store bought ones also. Like this jolly, hologram Santa she gave us.
Let me show you a special ornament I cross stitched in honor of my father, the year after he died.
If you are not Polish, you probably do not know this is the Polish Eagle. My father was 100% Polish.

I am still stitching up my "special project" I hope to have done before Christmas.

My neck is in quite a bit of pain. I have constant pressure at the base of my neck, plus the tingling in my shoulder, sometimes going down my arm. Isn't this STUPID that I went to the Orthopedic Surgeon for wrist pain help, and after his exam and my initial physical therapy sessions my NECK is now killing me?!? I didn't have this trouble before. The therapist feels the nerves are all "jazzed up" from the thorough exam. I have new exercises to relieve the pain. They are kinda helping. Deep massage by the therapist continues. yuck. I am also limited to stitching for 20 minutes at one time. Then get up and do some of the exercises and do other things about the house before returning to stitching. I am working on correct posture and positioning while stitching too. Not much fun honestly.

Thank you so much for stopping in with me today. I appreciate every single one of your visits my friends. Your comments brighten my day.

Stitching and praying,
Just look at this precious boy help Mom trim the tree. ♥


gracie said...

Such beautiful heirlooms...take care and hope the pain subsides soon.

Dotty's Daughter said...

What a beautiful boy, so faithful. Love the sharing of memories, each ornament with a story to tell. Help the neck improves.xx

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Vickie. I am so sorry that you're in pain. I hope that the exercises give relief...

Your ornaments are so special and I love the stories. When my son was little, he was always my helper. The size of the tree depended on how tall he was. I wanted him to be able to reach the top. LOL

Have a great day!

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Iit is so special,putting tree ormaments out that have special memories that go with them..all ours remind us of someone or an event.
So glad you had a helper:) I hope your posture and exercise regime will help to relieve you pain.

Manuela said...

Beautiful ornaments with a lot of wonderful memories.
Have a nice weekend, Manuela

Andrea said...

Love the stories behind the ornaments. Those reindeer ones are cute!

Unknown said...

My dearest Vickie ,
oh no you back pain , which is common . I hope it passes quickly , I am sending you a consolation prayer of the heart my love . Here in Germany it was this week also very warm , it is almost uncanny for December. You already have your tree ?! We provide our Christmas still only at 24.12 . on. Wonderful memorabilia you've hung it , I like things have the stories . I embrace you
your Sandra

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Beautiful ornaments! Sending prayers your way that your pain will ease soon. Blessings always sweet friend. :)

Penny said...

You have some special ornaments! And a sweet helper. :) I'm so sorry about your pain, are in my prayers.

gominam said...

Those ornaments are precious, makes a tree perfect:) So sweet of Esther to give you the Reindeer, you are special. I hope you're feeling better, have a nice weekend.

Justine said...

Thanks for sharing your special ornaments Vickie. Our tree is filled with things my sons have made - I call them my treasures and they have pride of place every year. Who cares if it all matches - it's ours!
Sorry to hear you are still in pain. Hope things improve for you soon.

Lumiruusu said...

Thank uoy for sharing the christmas memories and showing the heirloom ecoration too.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Sorry to hear that you are in pain but I hope the tree is taking your mind off it.
I love your heirloom ornies, especially the elephant. He looks like a spotty version of Elmer the Elephant!

Christina said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful ornaments and the memories attached to them. Yes, we have too many ornaments for our tree as well, especially since I changed the theme two years ago. Great fabrics! Are the vintage or repos? Continued prayers that your pain will subside and that your PT will help.

Marsha said...

It is crazy warm here also. I don't like it but it makes my DH very happy. Speaking of, I knew immediately what the Polish eagle was as my husband is 100% Polish. His parents weren't too happy that he married a German girl. And the reindeer! I made each of my children one when they were small and still have one for me. Loved your ornament stories. I hope you feel better soon and the pain eases up. Murphy is a sweetie.

Julie said...

Your special ornaments are wonderful, such delightful reindeers.
{gentle hugs}

Margaret said...

It's wonderful to have such special ornaments to treasure -- always wonderful to have memories through them. I'm sorry about your neck pain. How awful that a doctor exam could result in worse pain! That's just not right! I pray that you are out of pain soon!

Annette-California said...

I love that special family ornaments have a special story to tell. Thank you for sharing with us. They are all beautiful!
Sweet gifts you received especially the darling poodle fabric just prefect for you. Prayers you heal soon Vickie!
love Annette

Brigitte said...

So sorry to read about your neck pain, I just hope that the exercises will do their thing.
Decorating your tree must be like walking down memory lane with all these ornaments that have a story.

butterfly said...

Oh Vickie I love the stories about some of your ornaments .
All looks so beautiful and wow the materials are beautiful .

Maggee said...

I shall pray the pain subsides... Thanks for sharing your special ornaments with us!

Chris said...

I love all of these special ornaments. Each one is a special memory.
I hope that your neck is better!