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Monday, July 6, 2015

Our Craft Club

Hi friends! It is hot around here. Makes weeding in the garden rather unpleasant. Despite the heat, Emerson and Madeleine have learned to knit! They watched a you tube video. I also checked out some basic knitting books for them from the library. We have our own little craft club here. ha! Two knitters and a stitcher. ;) I tried learning to knit from Brian's grandmother over a dozen years ago. It never clicked for me. I am happy to stitch my needlework.

Would you like to see Emerson's completed work? He made Henry a scarf. ha!
Madeleine has started many scarfs. ;) She wants it perfect. Well...

Henry drew the name of the winner for the Hands On Design Pomegranate Pocket and Pincushion this morning. ha! Well, if you call the name that stuck to the poodle ear picking out a winner. ;)
Maggee you are the winner! :) I will get this pattern out to you this week my friend.

On Friday I will draw the name of the winner for the Prairie Schooler pattern. See this post here to enter.

I am working on a project I had begun 3 years ago. I am doing the finishing work on it now. Rather tedious and labor intensive. I cannot share more just yet. Soon you will know why. I am so very glad to finally be getting this accomplished.

Some of my Chocolate Garden day lilies are blooming and in bud.
Well I have one more physical therapy session left friends! Then it is the home exercise program and using the TENS unit (muscle stimulator for pain management) that we bought instead of relying on percocet. I have been using percocet less. I have also reduced some of my medication. If it is not rainy, my pain stays at a 2 usually now!!!! This is fantastic!

I am over halfway done reading the Bible now. I am still reading it daily in chronological order.

Have a great week my friends!

Finishing and praying,


Angela Tucker said...

So wonderful that your pain is lessening! And I agree with you, the less drugs the better.

Your chocolate lily is so beautiful!!! I have a red one on my back patio, but your's is the star!

I am like you, I just cannot learn to knit correctly...even after 20 years! I cannot hold both needles in hand. I put one needle between my knees and "knit off of it" if that make sense. I try not to knit in public, too embarrassing! LOL

gominam said...

Cute pictures. Looking forward to that 3yr old project you mentioned, sounds interesting. Glad to hear you're doing better with the therapy:)

marly said...

Vickie I'm so glad your pain and medication is reduced!! That's wonderful. I love to knit but haven't in many years. So nice that you have a personal craft group!

Maggee said...

I am very glad to hear that your pain stays at a 2!! And that you have cut down on your meds! All good news! I know you dislike deep tissue massage. I cannot have it done... I bruise!! Thank you and Henry for picking my name for the Pomegranate pattern--woohoo, I am excited to stitch it!! And last, but not least, how really neat that the kids learned to knit! There are so many wonderful things being created by knitters these days! Thanks again!!

Cindy said...

Vickie-so glad your pain is better controlled without so much pain medication.
I love your daylilly. I have many colors of them in my yard, only the white are blooming right now.
I love Emerson's scarf, it looks great on Henry, congrats on the success of your craft club :)

Delphyne said...

Great scarf! Your day lily is beautiful. My grandmother gave me some lilies from her yard this year and it has been exciting to watch them bloom. I have no idea what kind each one is.

Frances said...

What a wonderful knitting club!!!
That chocolate lily is so pretty--love the color!
I'm impressed that you're reading the entire Bible--something I should do. While I've read many parts of it, never the whole or in order.
So glad your pain is less.

butterfly said...

So happy your pain is getting better.
Oh love the scarf so sweet.
Love your chocolate day lilly my ones are almost ready to bloom, hugs.

Justine said...

Lovely scarf! Your craft club are so talented.

Annette-California said...

Isn't it fun to have a craft club and all the members are right in your home:) Very lovely scarf Emerson made for Madeleine. He did great!
Oh Vickie Congrats on being able to reduce your meds and lessening your pain. You are always in my prayers! I had read the bible (98 percent) a long time ago. I think its the best book ever written myself!
Congrats to Maggee! love Annette

Sarah in Stitches said...

That is such a sweet little scarf! Great job, Emerson :D Congrats to Maggee!

Mii Stitch said...

Wonderful bloom, the colours are amazing :)

Carol said...

How wonderful to have your own built-in craft group, Vickie! I've tried to interest Tim is taking up stitching since he has to sit so much, but it was a no go!! Love the new scarf Emerson made for Henry--he's looking so fashionable :)

Great news on the pain level--hope your new TENS device does the job at home for you!

Julie said...

Fabulous scarf, well done to the new knitters.
Great news your pain has eased.

~Narita said...

Your puppies are so sweet to knit gifts!!!! And such pretty ones at that.
I hope you have a happy week.

Loving you!

diamondc said...

Your baby looks so handsome with the new scarf.
I love your flower it is beautiful.


Lillie said...

Glad you are getting better. Emerson's scarf looks great and Hendry is such an adorable model. Lovely flower.
Congrats to the winner.

Hilda said...

Such a sweet scarf for such a sweet dog .... but a little to hot for Summer, isn't it LOL!
I am happy to read, that have found medication to ease your pain!
Lovely daylillie flower! I should plant some of these in my garden too!


Brigitte said...

What a treat to have your own craft club at home :))

Margaret said...

Hooray for knitters! Hooray for a man knitter too! :D Sorry, have to cheer since I'm a knitter too. lol! Such good news on the PT and less percocet and all. I'm just so happy for you! Continued prayers, of course that all continues well.

rosey175 said...

I want to learn knitting too! I suppose I had better fully conquer crocheting first though. ;)

Even better that you are getting off your medications and having your pain down to a two. Hope the TENS unit does its thing. Sounds like something out of a SciFi novel!

Christina said...

Great job on the scarf. Yeah, knitting is not for me either. Oh, your chocolate garden looks great. Fantastic news on your pain management!