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Friday, July 31, 2015


Hi friends! Thank you for your sweet encouragement. I am pressing on with the Epic Pink Tumbler Quilt. I have 13 horizontal rows pieced now. That is 520 tumbler blocks sewn so far. I do believe 17 horizontal rows is what will be needed to complete this quilt. So I need to sew 160 more blocks together. Then I will join up the rows.

I can now show you a little giftie I made up for our friend Shirlee.
Shirlee and John just moved to a townhome. I saw this pattern HERE and knew I wanted to make it up for her.
I stitched this one over one on a creamy white 32ct linen. I changed up the colors to hopefully match the brown paint of the townhome. I used DMC. I had the neat wooden tags and ribbon in my stash.

Would you believe I have taken in another poodle? Someone we all know had a tiny poodle that belonged to her parents and she sent the poodle to me.
HA! Nope. Not a real poodle. I wish. ;) Our friend Meari found this precious, little poodle amongst her parents possessions recently. I am honored that she thought of me. Orphan poodles will always be welcome here! tee hee!

Our friend Barbara is an excellent seamstress. Have you seen her custom project bags? She sells them at her local quilt shop. Barbara has been cheering me on with my difficult project for the State Fair. She congratulated me on finishing it, and look what she made me!
Isn't it gorgeous?! Chocolate and pink! LOVE!♥ And that sweet, little, chocolate needlecase is packed with goodies. Do you see the many pieces of linen she gifted me with also? Wow. She knows I stitch mainly smalls and put all small linen to good use. Thank you again Barbara. God bless you.

Today is our beautiful daughter Madeleine's 17th birthday. So today I must bake a chocolate birthday cake. And decorate it with flowers.

Stitching and praying,
Miss Mabel's shady spot on a hot, hot day.


KimM said...

What a thoughtful gift for dear Shirlee. Very, very pretty - she'll love it. Also - the bag - chocolate and pink - BEAUTIFUL!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet daughter. Hugs all around.

Shirlee said...

I do love my gift Vickie : ) So happy to see you have been gifted also! And a very Happy Birthday to Madeleine!

Annie said...

Such a cute little tag!
Glad to see that the quilt is still moving along after your discovery.
Love that teeny poodle from Meari. I can't look at any kind of poodle live or crafty without thinking of you these days!

And what a great bag. You'll put that to good use I'm sure.

Sandra die Puppenhexe said...

First things first , everything, everything love for your daughter for her birthday . Sweet seventeen years , beautiful. Your little embroidery is you again succeeded wonderfully , very pretty . And what did receive great gifts , I 'm happy for you . God bless you.
Greetings Sandra

CraftyGurl said...

What cute little tag for your friends, I am sure they will love it.

Glad the quilt is moving along. Wishing you a wonderful start to your weekend!

Angela Tucker said...

Happy, happy birthday to your daughter!

Vickie, I think chocolate and pink look so beautiful together, what a beautiful gift...and your stitching is so pretty. One over one? You are brave. LOL I've done it a few times, and of course had to frog, so right now, it is just a dream. LOL

Mii Stitch said...

I'm sure Shirlee will love her gift! That is so sweet of you :)

Carol said...

Sounds like you are making wonderful progress on your pink quilt, Vickie--I can't wait to see it :)

Very cute tag for Shirlee and I love your newest poodle--ha ha! You had me fooled, I thought you were really welcoming a new fur baby! Barbara's work is lovely--how sweet of her to send you those goodies and the great linen pieces...

Happy August to you!

gracie said...

Happy birthday Madeline. Oh you had me for a minute with the poodle!

Manuela said...

Wonderful gift for Shirlee.
Happy Weekend, Manuela

Lesley said...

Happy birthday to Madeline.Love your new poodle:) lovely stitching and a beautiful gift.Have a lovely weekend.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely gift for Shirlee. And a very cute new addition to the poodle clan!

stitchersanon said...

That's an amazing gift for Shirlee..and I adore the poodle. It's all made me very aware of how I miss my blogging buddies...I really need to cut work time down, an increase fun time; reading blogs is def. fun. So glad I'm catching up now!

marly said...

Perfect for Shirlee! Happy birthday to the young lady.

Bea said...

Wonderful gifts, both given and received. Very cute poodle.

Barbara said...

You are quite welcome Vickie....I'm happy you like it. Love the little sign you's perfect!

Marie said...

Happy birthday to your daughter, Madeline. I love that name,
As a quilter I can appreciate your dedication and effort constructing so many tumbler blocks. The quilt is certain to be beautiful.
Lovely gifts from your friends. That poodle is cute.

gominam said...

Happy birthday to your daughter. Love your finish, so neat! And those are wonderful gifts, the poodle is sooo cute!

butterfly said...

Happy birthday to Madeline .
Cute little poodle it's so small .
Love what you made for Shirlee.
Love your little bag .
Vickie you have a heart of gold hugs

Margaret said...

Happy birthday to Madeleine! What a lovely gift from Barbara! The gift for Shirlee is wonderful! What a hoot! You had me going with the tiny poodle. I still love the tiny one you got though. :D Mabel is so cute -- smart lady she is!

Frances N said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!!!
Love your sweet gift of goodies! How lovely!
Cute, cute little tag--just perfect for Shirlee!
I really thought you had a new dog for a minute! That little one is so cute, and so is Mabel!!!

Hilda said...

Such a pretty tag for your friend, dear Vicky! So perfectly stitched and finished.
Your new poodle is very sweet indeed. I too thought you adopted a now real one, haha!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Sarah in Stitches said...

I love that tag you made Shirlee! It's perfect for her. Enjoy your goodies! :D

Annette-California said...

Happy Birthday to Madeleine! You are so thoughtful, sweet gift you made for Shirlee. Beautiful zipper bag Barbara made you & thoughtful gifts to a thoughtful friend! Meari surprised you, a poodle:) love Annette

Stitching Noni said...

Happy Birthday Madeleine :o)
Love the sweet little poodle... what a gorgeous surprise!
Chocolate and pink together - just gorgeous!
Hugs xx

Maggee said...

I HAVE bought bags from Barbara, and gave one to a friend and kept one for me... I do love it... They are very nice! The tag you made Shirlee is really really cute! Good job! Hope Madeleine had a great birthday celebration. Hugs!

moreofhim said...

What a beautiful bag! I love it! I'm definitely going to have to check out her blog and see her bags. Would love one of my own. :) Cute poodle - haha - you had me going there for a min. I thought you got another fur baby.

Blessings - Julie

Julie said...

Super gift for Shirlee

Christina said...

Oh what lovely gifts! The needle case is beautiful. A very belated happy birthday to your DD. It seems my bloglovin' feed has been messing up. New blog memes not showing up and ones that I deleted coming back.

Meari said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your DD!

What a cute little tag you made, and that bag... You lucky lady. It's gorgeous!

Glad you like the poodle. :)