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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Birthday Present

Hi friends! We have been busy around here. Emerson's graduation was a wonderful celebration on a beautiful, sunny day. He got registered for fall classes this week. He likes his schedule too. He will be commuting to Concordia University in Mequon. It will take him about 25 minutes to drive. Not a bad drive. No expressway driving. A little city driving. Mostly country roads. Lovely scenery. When we drove there on Tuesday, we saw deer, cows, horses, and Sandhill Cranes.

I received my first birthday present this year in the mail this week. I do not usually open presents early. We are busy preparing for Emerson's upcoming graduation party, and I decided to go ahead and open my package from our dear friend June, as a little reward for my hard work. ;)
Beautifully and perfectly packaged in pink! I agree! That card IS just for me! =) Madeleine and I enjoyed looking through the Vintage Teatime Recipes book. It is filled with beautiful photographs.
Look at these most perfect poodle patterns June has given me from her British cross stitch magazines! I had no idea. I love them and will DEFINITELY be stitching these sweeties up!
Isn't this nativity pattern lovely? Thank you June. What a precious friend you are! Always so caring and thoughtful of others. God bless you my friend.♥

I did finish up 'Rendevous In The Park' by Kissy Cross. I just have to do the finishing on it. No pictures of that today. I have begun another small stitch. It is to be a gift, so no pictures of that one either.

I have been getting into the garden every day that it is not raining. Not for long mind you, but I want the flower beds to be looking perfect for the upcoming party.
"Cocoa" in the Chocolate Garden ;)
I have thanked God for you today! Thank you for your kind words. I love to hear from you. And if you are interested in my giveaway, there is still time. See my prior post.

Stitching and praying,


Anne said...

Birthday??! When is it my dear?! You need to tell me so I can put it in a calendar to remind me!! What a sweet gift from June! Perfect for you!! Your garden is so gorgeous...a wee bit jealous here. Love the Rendevous in the Park in the post below. Very much was like Kissy Cross designed it with you in mind! Hugs and prayers!

KimM said...

Yes, Please tell us your birthday. Your gift is so sweet and your garden looks so beautiful.
Best wishes for a fabulous birthday -

Maggee said...

I agree--when EXACTLY is your birthday? What a great gift from June! So glad Emerson can commute to college. It can be difficult when they go off to college. Hugs!

cucki said...

Such a great gift from June ..
When is your birthday dear?
Sending you love x

Betsy said...

That is a very thoughtful gift from June. HaPpY bIrThDaY to you! Our kids all went to college 35 miles away that they commuted to by city bus. When you have three in college at once it was a real $$$ saver to have them live at home. :-)
Beautiful flowers.

Unknown said...

Aw...bday? what's the date?
So many good things happening around there..I'm happy for you.
The goodies are adorable! I miss this kind of thing :D
Oh how I wish to have a beautiful garden! Mother nature is something so so beautiful!
XOXO, Isa.

Penny said...

What a lovely package from June - and perfectly wrapped in pink! Nice that Emerson will be able to commute. And I think any drive that doesn't involve expressway driving appeals to a mother. :) Your flowers are gorgeous as usual!

butterfly said...

So happy you like your little gift, I have found more charts of poodles , so will send to you in the following weeks .
Sorry no stitching this time it has been such a busy time here .
Your garden is looking so beautiful , big hugs .

Trace4J said...

Afternoon Sweet Friend.
What a wonderful gifts.
Happy early Birthday to you.
Beautiful flowers just like you.
Woolie Love

Jacqueline Morris said...

Lovely Birthday gift from June :)
And oooh your birthday?? I would liked to of sent something if I had known :(
When exactly is your Birthday please...for future reference :)
Your garden is beautiful... lovely flowers too :)
Smiles :)

Mii Stitch said...

Happy birthday to you sweetie!!!! June has been a gem. She always come up with the best present ideas. These poodles charts had your name on them :) Hugs

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Happy Early Birthday to you sweet friend. What wonderful gifts from one sweet friend to another. :)

Blessings always

Von said...

Your garden will be gorgeous for the party!!

Margaret said...

Happy early birthday! Such a lovely gift from June! Your garden looks lovely! It's going to be a wonderful setting for Emerson's graduation party. Congratulations to the graduate! So exciting!

Annette-California said...

oooh what sweet gifts from June! Early Happy Birthday Vickie!!!
WOW your blooms in your garden are so Beautiful. love Annette

Lillie said...

Happy Birthday Vickie. Lovely gift received.

Congratulations to Emerson and not forgetting to the proud parents too.

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

What a lovely gift and beautifully presented.
It sounds lik your son's journey to College will be a pleasant start to each day.have a great weekend Vickie.

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday for whenever. :) A beautiful gift from June.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

What a delightful present to receive early for your Birthday :) What a sweet friend!
And of course your flower beds will look perfect for your son's party!
Congrats to him!!

Beth said...

Thoughtful gifts and pretty garden pictures.

Michelle said...

Lovely gifts Vickie - thank you for sharing your pictures with us x

Carol said...

Congratulations to Emerson! It sounds like he has a bright future ahead of him, Vickie! And what sweet gifts from June--she knows you well :) Happy early birthday and have a great time at the graduation party :)

Giovanna said...

Congrats to your son on his graduation. So glad you all enjoyed it. You've had a lovely birthday package, your friend obviously knows you very well :-)

♥ Nia said...

Such lovely gifts :)
Is it too soon to wish you happy birthday ??? Not sure if it's this weekend or later... You didn't mention how early you opened your gift! Heheheh

Brigitte said...

Oh Vickie, such a lovely and thoughtful birthday package from June to you. All she sent you is so you! Enjoy the wonderful charts. And as I don't want to forget it I wish you a Happy Birthday!

Congratulations to Emerson on his graduation. I hope his party was great.

Chris said...

Hey Vickie!! What lovely gifts.
Your garden looks amazing.
So glad the Emerson's graduation was lovely. Did you make a cake? I always look forward to the cake pics.
Have a great week Birthday Girl!!

Julie said...

Super parcel from June.

Angela said...

How wonderful and exciting for your Son to be starting University :)

Lovely gift from June :) Your garden looks lovely :)

Take care :)

Varla Lee said...

Dear Vickie, i'm so happy for those beautiful goodies! And your garden is wonderful! A big hug! ^_^

Varla Lee said...

Sorry...happy birthday, i know i'm late! But i wish u another 1000 years to live with your kids and furry beautiful poodles!

Melanie said...

Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)