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Sunday, September 22, 2013

This Is How I Store My Floss

Good Morning my friends! How are you? Things are going pretty well around here. I had a finish yesterday. This pattern is from the April 2010 issue of Cross Stitcher magazine.
This is called Live My God by Margaret G. Kohl. I stitched this in DMC 422 , two over one on 25ct cream linen. I framed this in here. I use the pinning method when mounting my needlework on acid free foam core boards. If you frame your own pieces, do you lace or pin your framed pieces?
I found this box at our Good Will store this month for $3.00. =) Yes, it has a few scratches in it, but I touched them up and it is all better. The purpose of this box is to store my DMC floss. You see, a while back my sweet sister in Christ Shirlee posted how she stores her floss. She encouraged me to show all of you. And so, I knew I needed to find the perfect box for my floss. BECAUSE, my original floss basket is filled to maximum capacity! This is where I have been storing my DMC since I first purchased this, back when I was 19 years old. I bought it at Woolworth's Department Store. =) Do you remember Woolworth's? Do you still have one? I wish we did!!
I came up with a system back then, and it has worked for me just fine ever since. ;)
See? I cut numerous pieces of cardboard over the years to fit the inside of the basket, to make layers. I just stack them on top of each other in numerical order. The new floss box is starting off with DMC in the 3000's.
Perfect? No, probably not. But it works just fine for me. Plus, I am kinda nostalgic about it I suppose. I will just cut cardboard to size for this box and start stacking again as needed. ;)

Now as for my few Anchor, Victorian Motto, Wisper and other specialty flosses (I am truly a DMC kinda girl), well they are stored in my vintage, wooden, accordion sewing box. I have one drawer that works for that.

Last week I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. This may be the season for pumpkin num nums for a lot of you. Every season is pumpkin season in this house! Mama loves me some pumpkin. Pumpkin anything! ;) You can find this recipe I have used for many years here.
Emerson went to the Homecoming Dance last night. It was in the Pius XI Fieldhouse. He went solo all 4 years. You never did that when I was young. But it is very acceptable now I guess. At least at their school I know. Jacob went 3 of the 4 years with a different young lady each time. Always as friends. Neither boy has had a girlfriend yet. Jacob wants to date carefully and wisely. I think that is great. Emerson reminds me of Brian. Very timid with girls. I had to ask him out! ;)

Finally, I will show you a new game that has been going on in our home. Henry and Mabel have discovered they can play tug-of-war with each other. =)
Now, I do realize that this isn't the best activity for Mabel with her SEVEN slipped discs! I know, I know. Brian doesn't like it. But, Mabel WANTS to play with Henry. It only last less than 2 minutes, honest!
Henry only weighs 4 lbs. Mabel is 14 lbs. So she ends up pulling him and the bed around and around the room.
They have played this way two times. I am thinking this will be a rarely played game. I do not know of any humans that would play tug-of war with such back issues. It is a blessing from God that our Mabel continues to do so well. Her last "episode" was in the spring. We are still very careful with her and her back. I have allowed this game twice, because, well I do believe she wants to have fun sometimes too. She only goes on a 2 minute walk once a week. Otherwise, all she does is chase her toys in a game of fetch daily, down the hall. Henry is a real bundle of energy. He runs and plays with us daily. Hard to believe Mabel is 4 1/2 yrs old and Henry will soon be 4. He seems to be 1!!

I am giving away the pattern for Flora McSample Heart Sampler this week. If you should like a chance to receive it, take a look here.

I began a seasonal stitch last night. Lots of orange and brown. I hope this day is wonderfully relaxing for you. Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate YOU! I do! ♥

Stitching and praying,


Parsley said...

That is such a sweet game the fur babies are playing. Maybe if she is gentle she will strengthen her back.

Charming way to store floss.

Shirlee said...

Oh Vickie, that is so funny seeing Mabel & Henry playing tug of war! Your floss basket is so pretty. I remember Woolworths! Great memories : ) I love those old sewing baskets. I wish I had one. Maybe I need to check eBay today : ) I can't quite make out the verse on your Live My God. Can you tell me what it is?

marly said...

That box is such a great find. Using two threads really created dimension to the stitchery. That jerking tug of war is so scary. I hope it stays as fun!

Myra said...

Wonderful finish Vickie! Mabel and Henry are so cute. I made pumpkin bars last is the season for pumpkin.

Krista said...

I remember having a sewing box like that too, Vickie! Nice to have sentimental things. And I also remember the Woolworth's store... when I was a teenager I worked there folding fabric on the fabric tables! Mabel and Henry are so very cute!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lovely finish, very clever mounting it in the box. I often pin when I stretch. Y pieces but I find for the looser weave linen, lacing works best.

CalamityJr said...

What a beautiful finish. Oh, yes, I remember Woolworth's, both in Ohio and West Virginia. Henry and Mabel are so sweet. I agree that, if Mabel limits her play time, that it's probably good for her to play tug. She seems to know when to quit. Dogs are smart that way! (too bad I'm not, just sayin', haha)

Carol said...

You're always finding such great things at Good Will, Vickie--can't believe that was only $3.00! And your newest finish looks perfect in it.

That is so funny because I was just thinking about making some pumpkin cookies yesterday--those sure look yummy with the chocolate chips in them. And I'm sure that little bit of chocolate won't cause you problems :)

Your Emerson sounds like my two oldest sons... The middle one was asked out by his girlfriend over a year ago and they are still going strong. If she hadn't asked, he'd still be unattached!

Vicki said...

Your sewing basket and box are both lovely. I am in the middle of changing how I store my DMC floss. I've had them in hardware boxes for 20+ years, but am ready for a change. I'm transferring them to notebooks... we'll see how this works out!

Beth said...

Mabel must be feeling good to want to play. Nice the dogs get along so well.

Tricia said...

What a precious, precious poem on your piece. It goes right along with our message at church this morning. Thank you for sharing it! I look forward to seeing your next start!


Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Wow...your finishes are just beautiful...I love the way you store your Floss. that is a neat idea.

I love your photos of your puppies...they are so cute and so adorable.

I just love reading your are a inspiration to me.

God Bless
Happy Stitching

butterfly said...

Love the way you keep your box of floss.
My ones are not so tidy ,I now keep them in little bags.
Love the way your babies are playing so cute. hugs .

Angela said...

Love your latest finish and the box turned out perfectly for it :)

Love your floss storage box, I remember Woolworth's too.

Mabel and Henry are so sweet.

Those cookies look delicious too. I've been thinking of you and hoping you are doing well :)

KimM said...

Love the love you have for your your the love you have for you your blog.
Blessings -

Margaret said...

Awww, your pups are so cute playing with each other! It's good to hear that Mabel is doing well! Little Henry -- so small! Love to see how your store your floss. Very very clever! Lovely finish too, and love the new box! The cookies look delicious! I'm going to have to go see the recipe.

Simply Victoria said...

Nice box and finish for your flosses.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Love the box!

Aww Mabel and Henry crack me up. They are just so adorable. :)

Wishing you a day filled with many blessings sweet friend

Michelle said...

Love the way you store your threads. I was lucky enough to win on ebay a specially hand-crafted box for DMC threads with 4 drawers which holds all mine. We don't have Woolworths here in the UK anymore but when I visit South Africa they still have Woolworths but Woolworths over there is like our Marks and Spencers here - wonderful shop. Wishing you a happy day xx

Chris said...

Lovely finish! I like your storage system. It is very pretty.
The pups are funny.
I love pumpkin too. I had a pumpkin pie latte on Saturday...yum.
Have a great week!

Mii Stitch said...

Beautiful finish on the box!!! I am so envious of all that floss :D

cucki said...

Wonderful finish dear...
Mabel and Henry are so cute....
i truly love the box so much.
hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

What a lovely finish and gorgeous box.
And I think your sons are very smart in choosing wisely. Girls this day and age....
well let's just say many are not ladylike at all. Being the mother of two girls and two boys, I have tried to teach all four to respect themselves and others and to guard their hearts and purity. They will be richer for it in the end - all of our children will :)

New York State Of Mind said...

Hi Vickie,
I am so glad that Mabel can play again. She sure worried a lot of us. It is so cute seeing them play together. I remember Woolworth's - we use to have one on Main Street. I love the work you do. It is beautiful. I haven't tried to do that type of work in a long time. Will have to see about it again.


Mary said...

Such a beautiful piece and finish, Vickie. The box is perfect for it.

I love your vintage sewing box and storage for your floss. Mine is wound on bobbins in a chest.
I do remember Woolworths. Sadly, they have been gone here for a number of years.

Your pups are adorable and certainly know how to have fun together.

Today is a perfect day to try the cookies. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

We have taught our children well when they make wise choices and decisions. That is a blessing in itself, especially in the world we live in today!

Have a good week ahead

Anne said...

Such a beautiful box you found Vickie and your new stitch is lovely. I totally remember Woolworth's!! We used to have one in Prince George ages ago when I was 4. How adorable that the two of them are playing tug o war! I'm happy to hear mabel hasn't had an episode for while!

Melanie said...

That's a great little box find. :)
I don't remember any Woolworth's around but we DID have Thrifty Five & Ten's that were similar. I used to buy floss there with my allowance to do embroidery and make friendship bracelets.

Love the pup pics! It's so good to see how much they love each other now.

Annette-California said...

Oh how much I enjoyed your post. Leave it to you to find a beautiful box to convert for your flosses. Gorgeous sampler you mounted on your new box. Yes I certainly remember Woolworth's. How many times I went with my grandparents to shop. Great memories. Loved seeing the photo's of Mabel and Henry at play:)
The cookies look so good, I love pumpkin too.
love Annette

Catherine said...

Love your goodies! I remember the Woolworths stores! Loved visiting them. cute the pups playing. Hopefully, Mabel will be careful!

Lillie said...

The box is a great find and a lovely stitched piece to go with it. Loved your basket of threads.

Such a cutie that both pups played tug-of-war, LOL

The cookies look so yummy.

moreofhim said...

Hi Vickie!

What a beautiful project! I love seeing how you store your floss. I absolutely know what Woolworth's is! I got my first job there and worked there for almost 3 years! I loved Woolworth's and it was so sad when they all closed up. I loved shopping there. They had a big one in downtown Denver, where I grew up, and they had a cafeteria and it was such a treat to go downtown on the bus, shop and then have lunch at Woolworth's. :) I have several things I bought there, too, that I've kept through the years.

Mabel and Henry are so cute! Love how they are playing together!!

Blessings - Julie

Maggee said...

Yumm--cookies! I would like to try your recipe! That is a great stitched piece, and it is a wonderful fit for the box you came across! I would be interested in stitching that for my good friend for Christmas. She is a minimalist tho, so I would have to make it into something useful like you did! Maybe I can find the magazine online... will do that tonight or tomorrow, since I am off due to having Pneumonia! Imagine! But--it is change-of-weather time, and all kinds of bugs around me at work and from granddaughter--with a compromised immune system, I am so susceptible! Sigh! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

Julie said...

The cookies looks delicious.
Great way to store your floss, its always nice to look at the pretty colours when you see a batch of DMC threads.

Lumiruusu said...

I totally agree KimM -Your blog and everything here makes me feel happier if I am feeling low -this has become me a real place of new inspiration :)
I kind of think that animals often know somehow what's ok for them -sometimes it could be more important to think the mentall wellbeing of little sweet Mabel-The poodle !
Of course I am not an expert...

ricketyjo said...

Lovely finish and I love the box - I swear my mum used to have a sewing box that was either exactly the same as this with the children on the front or else it was very similar... I'll have to ask her if she still has it, I bet she does!

Your doggies are extremely cute!

Meari said...

I definitely missed this post. Now I see how you do it. How do you keep them from getting messed up when searching for colors? What about the leftover pieces after you stitch?