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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Got A Poodle!

Hi friends! I got another poodle! Only this one came in the mail. ;) And it is not living. ;) It is a gift from Cindy. tee hee! It reminded her of me and Mabel. I have placed it outside with the Henry statue we have.
Isn't it great? Mabel and Henry together. ♥ How sweet. Thank you Cindy!

I had a gift prepared for Cindy too. I am happy she received it one day after I received mine. She likes LHN, so I sent her the pattern Psalm 145:20. I also made her a bottle cap pincushion and counting pins. Take a look.
Pink foxgloves, pink daisies and pink roses.♥ This was a hard one for me to give away, I admit. I still have not made myself a bottle cap pincushion. Too busy making them as gifts. I enjoy that. =)

Here are pics of the Henry cake I made for Madeleine's 15th birthday party last weekend.
I wanted to show you a picture from 4 years ago too. It is of the Mabel cake I made Madeleine when she turned 11. Unfortunately I cannot find any of our digital pictures. I had to take a picture of this picture.
You cannot tell, but Mabel is laying down and facing us. Too bad this is the only picture we seem to have anymore.

I read the book One Amazing Thing by Chitra Divakaruni. This book was given to Jacob by Marquette University. It is required reading for all incoming freshmen. The freshmen and staff read a fiction book together each year. Then there is a discussion period at the University with the author. So I thought I would read it too. It was okay,not great. Something I never would have read. It opened my eyes to other cultures though.

I do not have finishing to show you. The pain has been nasty for a few days now. I will do the finishing on Snappy Sampler, I just gotta feel a little better first. You can still enter to win the pattern here.

I will be back next time with the winner of the pattern and my little finish of it.

Stitching and praying,


Mii Stitch said...

You made a really pretty cap pincushion! Love all the flower work on it too :)

Parsley said...

Love the poodles and the pincushion. Is there a tutorial somewhere for the cushion because it looks like a fun thing to try!

butterfly said...

What a beautiful gift another little poodle .
Your pin cushion is so pretty .
Hope you will soon feel better take care sweet friend
Forgot love the cake rather yummy.

Vicki said...

The statues are adorable! The pin cushion is so cute! I love the one you made for me, it has a permanent spot by my stitching chair. I have so many pins in it I'm not sure it'll hold even one more! The cakes are awesome! Praying for pain relief for you.

Shirlee said...

Another lovely pincushion, & what a nice gift from Cindy : )

Annie said...

You and your poodles! Cakes, statues, drawings ... it's just poodle city at your place!

The pincushion is adorable! Love the pretty embroidery stitching.

Margaret said...

How sweet to get a poodle to go with the Henry poodle! Love the bottle cap pincushion you made for a gift. You are amazing with the cakes you make! Wow! I'm sorry to hear your pain is so bad again. :( Lots of prayers for you.

Simply Victoria said...

Your pincushion is pretty! Like Parsley, I'm curious if there is a tutorial.

moreofhim said...

You are SO talented! Your pin cushion is so cute! What a beautiful thing it is! Your Henry cake and Mabel cakes are just amazing! Wow! You are really such an artist!

Love your new poodle! How cute that you have a Mabel and a Henry together, now!

I'm so sorry you've been in so much pain again. Lifting you up in prayer!

Blessings - Julie

Trace4J said...

What poodle love :)
Great wonderful job on the birthday cake.
Woolie Hugs

Annette-California said...

Your cake decorating skills are incredible - lovely cakes of Mabel and Henry! How fun! Darling and precious poodles from Cindy. I love the flowers you stitched on Cindy's pincushion - great colors:)))) (pink) and so delicate looking. I still cherish mine from you:)
love Annette

Lois said...

Such a sweet poodle! Love what you sent to Cindy too. Great cake decorating. I hope that the pain eases for you soon.

Krista said...

What a sweet poodle. Your pincushion is a sweet finish!

Chris said...

Your poodles are multiplying :) I love your little pincushions. They are so sweet.
What a fabulous cake.
I think it is great that you read the assignment too.

cucki said...

awww cutie poodle...
i love the pin cushion so is so cute.
yummy cake.
big hugs x

Melanie said...

The pin cushion is so cute! Very nice stitching.
The cakes are great too. I only make about one cake a year and it's straight out of a box. I'm always in awe of the baking people do.

Melissa said...

Such sweet gifts on both ends. That cake(s) look marvelous... and now my stomach is officially grumbling!

Cindy said...

Vickie-it looks like the poodles were meant to be together, too perfect! I love, love, love the pincushion, pins and LHN pattern, one of these days I'll get it posted on my blog!

Lillie said...

What a thoughtful gift from Cindy.
It's so Hendry, LOL

The pincushion is simply fabulous.
Yum Yum cake !

Carol said...

Your bottlecap pincushions are always so teeny and perfect, Vickie! Just look at all those French knots you stitched!! So pretty :)

Love the poodle cakes, too. I'm sorry to hear your pain is so bad again--do you notice it changes at all with the weather?

KimM said...

You love poodles as much as we love our schnauzers.
Take care of yourself -

Lynn said...

Your cake decorating skills are fabulous! I was never very good at that sort of thing.
Love the little pincushion!
The poodle you were gifted with is just so cute! Do Mabel and Henry pay any attention to it?

Giovanna said...

Cute statue, and what a glorious cake.

passionfruitprincess said...

Your cakes are lovely, and the mini pincushion is a little treasure. I love the embroidery, very well done!

Catherine said...

What a great gift!! Love the two statues together ~ so perfect for you!! And the pincushion you made is amazing ~ I treasure the one you sent me! Hope your pain eases....hug those pups!