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Friday, March 1, 2013

Do You Know Why?

Good Morning my friends! So glad you came to visit. I have some new friends too. That is wonderful! Thank you for leaving me such nice comments. You make my day! =) In case you missed it, I am having a One Year Blogoversary Giveaway.

I am STILL stitching this little bargello. Well, yes, I did just get sidetracked with another small freebie that I am making up into a magnet for my husband today. (And NO, it isn't a poodle for him!!)
So, this is the bargello freebie I found on Google Images. I picked my colors and thought "This won't take long." HA! Could you tell me friends, why does the chart have higher peaks? Mine is stitching up flatter and wider. Why? I am stitching it on 28ct white evenweave. This will be one side to a scissor fob. I stitched one side for another fob. I have the two other charts for the two remaining sides of each fob. All four patterns are FREEBIES. I have F.A.B.L.E. !!!!! Freebies Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy I made that up. Yes, it is true. Just ask my family. @_@

So, it has been a crummy week. A few days ago we thought we were taking Mabel in to the vet to be euthanized. Really. We were all a mess. She could barely move from the pain. We figured she was very close to being paralyzed. We have been told that can happen at any time really. The vet took another x-ray, since she had not had one since this slipped disc junk began last May. She has 2 slipped discs at L4 and L5. She also has one in her neck now. =(

I am happy to tell you she was put on gabapentin. She can be on this for life if necessary. This treats the nerve pain. It is actually an anti-seizure medicine. I was on this same drug myself for years. I am still on anti-seizure meds also, just a different variety now. We two girls are in the same boat, Mabel and I. We are both in chronic pain and take pills to numb it.  Yuck! Such depressing talk.

Here. Take a look at the beautiful bouquet Brian bought to cheer us up.
The lilies have opened since and are just gorgeous. And if that isn't cheery enough, Maggee sent me an RAK. What fabulous timing. You are so kind and sweet. Thank you my friend, such a surprise! =)
My gastritis has settled down. Nearly gone now. I will do the finishing on that little magnet today. I'll get a picture of it. Then I will keep on a stitchin' the bargello.

Here is one last picture of Mabel. I took it a few days ago. She is almost herself again, ALMOST. She is so precious. We are glad and thankful for every day with her.♥ She is smiling here. =)
Stitching and praying,


Melissa said...

OH vickie! I'm so sorry to hear about Maybel's troubles again. My heart is with you and I hope in the end everything pans out ok!



Catherine said...

So sorry to read that poor Mabel is hurting so ~ but glad to read that the medication seems to be helping. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs!

butterfly said...

Poor Mabel hope she feels a bit better today such a sweet doggy.
Happy to hear you are feeling a little bit better apart from your ongoing pain. Thinking of you sweet friend , What a wonderful man you have there beautiful flowers, hugs.

Margaret said...

Poor Mabel, and poor you too. I'm glad she's feeling better -- I hope that continues. lol about the bargello! It's pretty! But yes, everything takes longer than one thinks. Very sad, huh? Lovely RAK as well And beautiful flowers.

Peggy Lee said...

I can just imagine how you felt when Mabel was at her worst. How awful. So glad she is on a good med now.
Your bargello is coming along nicely!
Awww...beautiful flowers. He's a keeper!
HA! I like F.A.B.L.E. I think all of us could be part of that club.
So sweet of Maggee. Very nice!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Hugs for Mabel (((hugs)))

I think I can see the problem with your Bargello. On the chart each vertical stitch covers two squares or four threads but you have covered two threads. Because you have used the same number of horizontal stitches your version is much more shallow.
still beautiful though. When you finish you'll see that you've had to stitch twice as many rows as the pattern to get a square. Hope this helps for next time.

Gorgeous flowers too. Lucky you!

Giovanna said...

I think Jo nailed the Bargello problem. And she's right, it's still very pretty - that's the beauty of Bargello, it's very versatile. I hope you and Mabel are doing ok and getting relief from pain.

Topcho said...

I love how you Bargello project looks - it's beautful and you chose such lovely colours. And lol, I love the F.A.B.L.E. diagnosis! XD
Sorry to hear about Mabel :/ BEst wishes!

Jackie's Stitches said...

I'm SO glad Mabel is doing better!

The Homespun Elegance piece is really pretty. What a thoughtful gift!

Minnie said...

I hope the new meds for Mable work out and you all are together a lot longer. Beautiful flowers and RAK gifts. I love the colors in your bargello.

marly said...

I hope the new medication continues to work for Mabel. My bargello was also over 4 threads and each stitch was two threads up from the previous. This chart looks like it has several stitches at the same position as the prior which wouldn't give the sharp angle. Glad you're feeling better.

Michelle said...

Aww sending you hugs xx

Carol said...

Oh, what a crummy week, indeed, Vickie. Poor Mabel... I do hope this latest medication gives her relief (and if she has relief, you all will too!).

Your Bargello is so pretty--looks like Jo has determined why yours looks different than the model. If it makes you feel any better, I definitely have F.A.B.L.E, too :)

I do hope next week is brighter for you and Mabel--sending a warm hug!

Maggee said...

Oh my goodness... poor little Mabel! So glad the doc knew of a good medicine, tho it's not necessarily a good thing that you both have to take it long term, is it? Pretty flowers! Hugs!

cucki said...

I'm so glad Mabel is doing better!
The Homespun Elegance piece is really pretty. Super sweet gift xx
Hugs ❤

Kathy Ellen said...

Oh, Vickie, how terribly frightening an experience you have been having with sweet little Mabel. What a blesing that the Gabapentin is helping to relieve some of her stiffness. She looks so sweet in your photo. How we love these sweet little furry babies! Meggie sends kisses to Mabel:)

Beautiful bargello stitching...looking forward to seeing your scissor fob finish.

How thoughtful of Brian to give you and Mabel such beautiful flowers.

Blessings for you!

Sally said...

Oh Vickie I do hope sweet Mabel is doing much better now.

Nicola said...

I am soooo sorry to read about Mabel. I was prescribed that drug a few years back for my nerve pain. It knocked me right out and was not for me.

You DH is so thoughtful.

Lumiruusu said...

I am happy hear that Mabel get a medicine for her pain and You still have your sweet little dog with You.

Thanks God vor the vets and doctors ,I have psoriatis arthritis and need to take many pills daily.
Last week I had a little operation to my right feet..

You Bargello looks beautifull ,I have seen this stitching only on the blogs and it looks very difficult-You have done lovely work with it.

The Homespunce Elegance chart was a wonderwull surprise :)

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear that Mabel wasn't well - hoping she is completely back to herself by now! Beautiful flowers to cheer you up and such a sweet RAK to receive!

Meari said...

Aww, poor Mabel. At least there's something that can be done for her.

Those flowers are gorgeous!