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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

April Displays

 Hi friends! I forgot to tell you that the whiplash pain is gone. Hooray!

Here is my 🐥April Cubby Shelf Display🐥 Almost all of these are stitched over one.

Here is my 🐰April Corner Shelf🐰 I will leave this display set up until Orthodox Easter, May 5th.


🐩🐩This is the first time ever that Little Henry and Flossie have played together. They are using Flossie's new Trixie Dog Activity Mini Mover she got for her birthday. It is a brain game. 

Flossie was afraid of it until Henry came over and just started doing it. I had it loaded up with Flossie's dog kibble. Henry is VERY motivated for that! He is on a prescription diet. A little bit of hers won't hurt him. Once Flossie caught on, she had fun sliding the doors with her nose too. Only Henry also uses his little paw and nose to work it. He is the only one who has the string with the hidden compartment figured out. Neither has figured out the knob and hidden compartment yet. There are also 2 cone -shaped covers that fit over any of the center holes. I don't think Henry is even strong enough to remove them. I will wait a while for Flossie to master this to bring those out for her.

📚I have an extremely different book to share with you today. It is not going to be for, well almost all of you? I felt I must share this though. I found this book by looking at my online library website. They promote the new books coming out and I nab them. This was one of them that caught my attention. I am so very glad I did. I have never felt more understood in my life by anyone than this author. My Dad abused my Mom , my brother and myself years ago. I am not going into details. I will just say, Mom almost died. Things were very bad. Things like that do not leave you. They do not.
This sounds impossible, but this book helped me SO MUCH, I had to expose myself and share this here in case someone else needs this book also.
If you are suffering inside from post traumatic stress from abuse in your family, this book is a good help to healing the hurt inside. God bless you. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

I am a punching maniac. I am happy to say the leaves are all punch needled. They are not trimmed up though. I am waiting to do that until all punch needling is done. I am now going to begin punch needling the pansy petals. I will show pictures soon. I hesitate, because it does not look like much yet friends.

Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16

I hope you have a great week friends! It has been raining all day here. It turns to snow tonight and into tomorrow. We will be getting 3 to 5 inches. How fun. NOT.

Punching and praying,



MartinaM said...

Oh, I'm glad to hear you're pain free.
Your April decorations look great again, I love the little chick between the tulips.
I've just listened to Kate Morton's latest book, Homecoming, really great.
Have a nice week,

butterfly said...

Hi Vickie good to hear your pain is over.
Love all the April display.
Love to see your lovely pets , Have a fun week hugs June.

Manuela said...

Hello Vickie,
I'm so glad to hear that you pain free.
Your display and your cubby shelf are beautiful decorate.
Have a nice week. Manuela

Marilyn said...

Glad you whiplash pain is gone.
Your displays are always so pretty.
What a great game for the puppies.
Looks like it's keeping them occupied!

Robin in Virginia said...

Your April cubby and shelf look amazing, Vickie. I am so happy your whiplash pain is gone. Praise the Lord! What a cool toy for Flossie (and Henry).

Stasi said...

Glad your pain is gone. Lots of cute bunnies displayed!

marly said...

Yay on the pain relief!!! Thanks for the book mention. I have a friend (my age) that just admitted her dad's abuse after all these years. To offer the book, I don't know if she would be upset or feel I am intruding. She has a therapist.

Mylene said...

Your display and cubby shelf looks beautiful.
Good to hear your pain is over.
Happy week!

Carol said...

Although I've seen your April Cubby and shelf on IG, I always enjoy seeing them here, Vickie. The photos definitely show up better here than on IG :) Flossie and Henry sure look like they're enjoying their new game--such cuties. I know it must have been difficult to share that book, but it will certainly help others who have had trauma in their lives. I'm thrilled that your whiplash pain is gone! Hope you are having a good April so far ♥

diamondc said...

Hi Vickie: So happy to hear your pain is gone, great news.
Your Easter displays are beautiful, the cubby shelf looks so sweet with all the smalls in it.
Your babies are adorable, I have never seen the toy they are playing with, I must look this up.
I have never done punch needle, i am looking forward to seeing the petals you are doing.