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Thursday, November 18, 2021

🦉November Ric Rac Row🦉

 Hi friends! Let me show you my latest finsh. 🦉November Ric Rac Row by Pine Mountain Designs🦉 

This was stitched one over two on 36 count white linen with DMC and VMSS. I used fabric from my stash. Just December to go and I am done with this series! 🥳

I am still stitching away on Madeleine's Christmas ornament. Almost there!

📚A man with a painful past. A child with a doubtful future. And a shared journey toward healing for both their hearts. This is a fantastic story about faith, science and miracles. This is a story of the heart and about the heart, literally and figuratively. I highly recommend it. I will be seeking out more books by Charles Martin.

I have given myself the injectable Emgality for two months now. It has helped. I was truly hoping it would take the migraines totally away. That is not the case at all. ☹️ I had so very many good months last year and earlier this year where I seemed pain free even, because the Topomax was controlling the daily migraine pain. On a recent visit with the neurology PA, I was very desperate. In our discussion, he put it quite bluntly and, well it really was never explained to me so plainly. He said, "The damage done to you by the injection ( a facet injection I had done in my neck 3/9/2016 to alleviate neck pain) cannot be undone. I believe she hit a nerve. It is like when a person is in a car accident and is paralyzed. They cannot be unparalyzed." I cried. I did not realize this was a nerve problem this entire time. I have an appointment to see a specialist in our area. He is considered very, very good. Very hard to get into. So hard that I made the appointment two months ago. And do you know when I get to see him?? IN JUNE!! CRAZY!

I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. 13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.  Philippians 4:12-13

Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for your comments. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your friendship! I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friends!

Stitching and praying,



butterfly said...

A lovely stitch Vickie .
Enjoy your Friday,

Mary said...

Sweet fall stitch. Vickie, that is just horrible about the shot hitting the nerve and you suffering for so long. I sure hope this specialist offers you some hope. How awful to have to wait for so long!!

Marilyn said...

That is too cute!
I hope this doctor can help you & that your appointment goes well.

diamondc said...

Vickie: I am so sad you are having this pain, I have a nerve that was hit when they did the vena-seal last week, the doctor told me it would take 2 weeks to a few years to go away, I hope this is the case for your neck nerve.
I totally love this design and your finish, you have a true feeling for picking the right coordinating fabric for your finish's.
Beautiful Scripture
I will have to check out this book.


Manuela said...

Hello Vickie,
a beautiful finish. I like the cute owl.
Hope the doctor can help.
Have a nice weekend. Manuela

Robin in Virginia said...

Your Rick Rack pillow is darling. I hope this specialist can offer you some help for your constant pain, dear Vickie. Thinking of you and offering prayers. Have a peaceful weekend.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love the November row, especially that pie on the end!
Sorry the specialist had bad news to give you but it's better to know this and try work around it than to have false hopes. Especially when it costs money to keep trying things which won't work! June is a long while to wait but hopefully he will be worth it!

MartinaM said...

Your row is really great again, and like the others, I like your finishes.
Have a nice weekend, Martina

Carol said...

Love your November pillow, Vickie--the pie and the little owl are so cute and the colors you chose to accent it with are wonderful. I'm relieved that someone gave you an honest answer--nerve pain is unbearable and I do hope this new specialist is worth the wait. Keeping you in my prayers ♥

Vicki said...

Oh my, Vickie. I can imagine how shocking that news was for you to hear. Praying for great success with the new Dr.

Astrids dragon said...

Another beautiful finish, and nice when you have the fabric stash to use.
Oh no, after all this time, now you finally know. I'm glad you have an appointment, but sorry you have to wait until June to be seen! Continued prayers for your health until then. Sending hugs too!