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Sunday, September 12, 2021

French Country Angel

 Hi friends! Hello to Cécile! Were you able to find the poodle pattern you were looking for on my blog? I hope so. I could not respond directly to you, as you do not have email contact information. If you are looking for poodle patterns still Cécile, please email me.

💖French Country Angel by JBW Designs
I can't believe I am already done! This one is for my Mom.💝 Every Christmas I either stitch her an angel or cat Christmas ornament. My Mom and Brian are are my biggest cross stitch gift appreciators. It is wonderful stitching for them. They LOVE everything I make. 😁 I stitched this angel two over two on 32ct Antique white evenweave with VMSS Valentine Red. If you take a look at the bottom left of the pattern, you can spot the difference I made to the pattern. 
It was bugging me TOO much. I asked everyone in the household if it was supposed to read "Gloria"?? They all thought so. So I rearranged a bit and put in an "i" and I think it works! Ruching that ribbon took a while, but it was worth it. Do you see the little angel pin on top? This is the biggest ornament I have made, but I don't think Mom will mind. Thank you Georgia for the gift of this pattern! 🥰

I am almost done stitching my Henry pattern.
📚Meet Isabel Puddles by MV Byrne is a witty murder mystery set on the western coast of Michigan. My friend Mel on Instagram recommended it, and I am glad she did. Mel picked the book up because of the cool cross stitch cover. I have to say I would have done the same thing if I had seen it at my library. I will say that I was disappointed in that the main character, Isabel, is a knitter, NOT a cross stitcher! I think the graphic designer did NOT know his crafts?! There are several references in the book to her knitting. No references to cross stitching! Whatever. It IS a good cozy mystery book. I like Isabel. I look forward to book number two. That should tell you something.

But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one. 2 Thessalonians 3:3

I hope you have a wonderful, healthy week my friends! God bless you.

Stitching and praying,


When you and your 23 year old daughter decide to dress up your grumpy cat. 😂 This "torture" took about a minute, and 😾 Cally was rewarded with her Friskies Party Mix treats!


Mary said...

Vickie, I think your angel is so beautiful and your change was inspirational! The book has piqued my interest, funny how the cover was not in keeping with the content. Meg's news was so heartbreaking, I admire her positive attitude and faith. I pray she doesn't suffer.

diamondc said...

Vickie: This is such a lovely design, I like the finish and the thread color.
Grumpy Cat is a hoot, she looks like a grandma in that scarf, giggles.
Thank-you for thinking of Meg, I have had her in my daily Prayers.


Carol said...

Such a lovely ornament for your mom, Vickie--I love how your changed the design to spell out Gloria! Makes total sense to me. My mom was my biggest cross stitch fan, as well. Stitching is just not the same for me since she has been gone.

I can't even begin to imagine what our sweet Meg is going through--her attitude and strength and faith are something we all need to strive for. I will truly miss having her in our cross stitching world--she's been a bright light in our community! ♥

MartinaM said...

I like the little angel very much, as well as your finish.
Yes, I read Meg's story, I followed her blog a little longer, it's very sad and I pray for her.
Hugs Martina

Manuela said...

Hello Vickie,
I like your Angel finish very much. Your mom will love it.
I read on Megs Blog about her illnes. It is very sad. I pray for her. I will miss her.
Big Hugs, Manuela

Honeybee said...

Vickie, I'd like to have Meg's address.

Robin in Virginia said...

Love the angel ornament you stitched for your Mom and she is going to love it as well! It is simply heartbreaking about Meg. She continues to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Vicki said...

Thank you for introducing me to Meg. I was not familiar with her. Read her touching blog post and am praying for her. What a generous, gentle spirit she has.
Your angel is gorgeous! And yes, 'Gloria' spelled correctly definitely looks right!

Barb said...

Your angel is so beautiful!! I stitch for my DD and Christmas ornaments for my precious grand daughter, Hannah. I don't know about Meg but I can still pray for her. She sounds like a very special person!

Mary's Thread said...

I like your angel ornament. JBW does such nice little designs. I too see the Gloria and think you were right to make changes to emphasize it. If the designer didn't intend it is sure is a happy accident!

I think I will look for this book your recommend. I could use a cozy mystery!

Please send me Meg's address. I would be glad to send her a note.