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Monday, January 4, 2021

January Stitching

 Hi friends! Happy New Year! Let us hope and pray this is a better year for us all. 

I want to share this little finish with you.

🎄🎁January freebie by🎁🎄 I swapped the December and January designs for each other, as Brian and I are Eastern Orthodox, and celebrate Christmas on January 7th. I have completed the entire 12 months now!! I stitched this two over two on 28ct using DMC.

🎄This is my completed Christmas SAL, Orchid Intrigue by Summer House Stitche Workes.

I stitched this with almost the entire skein of the called for DMC 3802 on hand dyed Dublin linen, "Petal Pink" by my stitching group friend, Chris. The fabric you see the pillow lying on, is the backing material. Chris is the one who hosted this SAL, with eight of us stitching along. 💕I am the first to finish. I have only seen one other person's linen, and it is not pink. I am curious to see if I am the only one.

I am now stitching a pattern that will be displayed in the pedestal stand on my bedroom dresser. Once I finish this one for January, I am done with all 12 months for the pedestal stand!! HOORAY FOR ME!

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you.” 1 Peter 5:6

Lots and lots of snow on the ground here. Cold weather here, so it is going nowhere. 

I hope you have a great week my friends! Thank you for stopping by! Be safe! Be smart! God bless you!

Stitching and praying,



MartinaM said...

Since you're not celebrating Christmas until this week, the little ornament suits you really well.
I also like your Christmas saloon very much and you can also use it as a Valentine's Day decoration. With the little hearts it became very sweet.
Have a great week,

butterfly said...

Love your sweet stitch and the SAL is so beautiful .
Happy Christmas this coming week.
And a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Hugs .

Marilyn said...

All of your little smalls are so cute.
Orchid Intrigue is beautiful!
Love that Poodle pic.

Stasi said...

Your finishes are both so sweet! I like how you photograph them on the backing fabric....may 'borrow' that idea in the future! :) Enjoy your upcoming Christmas celebration!

Robin in Virginia said...

Both your finishes are darling, Vickie! Will you be stitching another monthly series in 2021?

Vicki said...

Two very cute finishes! Stay warm...

Georgia said...

Happy New Year to you too my friend. Your Orchid Sampler is stunning:)The backing fabric is perfect. I hope you can post some of the other colors used in your group, I agree it will be fun to see how they look. I guess it just dawned on me you have been working on two sets of monthly designs. The pillows and the little framed pieces. I have enjoyed watching you post both, but for some reason just noticed you had two different series going on. How funny. Stay warm, Spring is just around the corner and warmer days are ahead:)

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Love all your stitching. Have a great week.

Barb said...

Happy New Year. Your finished pieces are so cute.

Carol said...

Both are very pretty, Vickie! So glad you used the pink linen for the SAL--it is lovely one it! Lucky you having all of that snow. You will definitely be having a white Christmas on the 7th! Have a blessed day on Thursday ♥

Linda said...

Congrats on the cute finishes Vickie.


marly said...

Happy new year Vickie. Seeing that pillow on the backing fabric I almost missed that darling edging. I was surprised that it took the entire skein. Only had a few projects do that, can't remember which though.

Manuela said...

Hello Vickie,
so beautiful your two new finishes. It is perfect for your Christmas at 7th January.
I love your heart stitching very much.
Have a nice week. Manuela

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Orchid Intrigue is beautiful. Have a blessed Christmas on the 7th.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a great start to the stitchy year! I love the colours you used for the Orchid Intrigue. Very Vickie!
The new Just Nan release is pink, I thought of you when I saw it.