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Saturday, April 20, 2019

🐇Happy Easter!🐤

Hi friends! HAPPY EASTER!
I did get the Poodle Parade magnets finished for Mary and Jim, my senior friends at the nursing home. And Henry and I took the magnets to them on Saturday for a visit. They loved them of course!
Aren't they darling?

And now I must apologize! I completely forgot about the Lizzie Kate giveaway because of the Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop on Friday. I did not realize they would end up on the same day. I had three people enter their names for the LK Flip It Blocks With Charm April pattern (no charm). I wrote down all three names, folded the strips of paper, shook them up in my hand and had Henry choose! That is right! Henry. He sniffed and with his nose he pushed..... MANUELA  right out of my hand. So Manuela, I have your address and I will mail this pattern to you my friend!😊

The Victory Garden: A Novel by [Bowen, Rhys]
Rhys Bowen is one of my favorite authors. This was a very good novel. I just thoroughly enjoyed it!
As the Great War continues to take its toll, headstrong twenty-one-year-old Emily Bryce is determined to contribute to the war effort. She is convinced by a cheeky and handsome Australian pilot that she can do more, and it is not long before she falls in love with him and accepts his proposal of marriage. When he is sent back to the front, Emily volunteers as a “land girl,” tending to the neglected grounds of a large Devonshire estate. It’s here that Emily discovers the long-forgotten journals of a medicine woman who devoted her life to her herbal garden. The journals inspire Emily, and in the wake of devastating news, they are her saving grace. Emily’s lover has not only died a hero but has left her terrified—and with child. Since no one knows that Emily was never married, she adopts the charade of a war widow. As Emily learns more about the volatile power of healing with herbs, the found journals will bring her to the brink of disaster, but may open a path to her destiny.
Have a wonderful week my friends!

“O Death, where is your sting? O Hades, where is your victory?” The sting of death is sin, and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.  1 Corinthians 15:55-57

Stitching and praying,


MartinaM said...

This poodle magnet are so cute. Your two loved ones have certainly been very happy.
I wish you and your family a nice Easter.
Hugs Martina

butterfly said...

HAPPY EASTER to my sweet friend , have a lovely day with family.
So cute love the poodle magnets . Hugs and kiss's

Marilyn said...

Those Poodles are too cute.
Happy Easter!

Ele said...

Very cute magnets! I like Rhys Bowen, will look for this book, thanks for the tip
have a lovely weekend

Manuela said...

Hello Vickie,
I wish you a happy and blessful Easter.
The little poodle magnets are very cute.
I am glad that I won the little pattern.
Great Job from Henry. :)
Happy Easter Weekend and a big Hugs, Manuela

Stasi said...

I'm sure your friends loved the poodle magnets! Happy Easter Vickie!

Sally said...

Happy Easter Vickie! Those poodle magnets are adorable!

Lili said...

Happy Easter, Vickie!!
The poddle magnets are so cute!!
Congrats to Manuela!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter. ((hugs)) to you and sweet little Henry, too.

Vicki said...

Happy Easter, Vickie!
Your poodle magnets are so cute, they make me smile!

Andrea said...

Happy Easter Vickie. Your poodle magnets are so cute.

Barb said...

What cute poodle magnets!! Looks like another book for me! I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

marly said...

Happy Easter Vickie. Adorable magnets!

Mary said...

Your poodle magnets are just too cute!! Hope you had a lovely Easter. Mary

moreofhim said...

Hi Vickie! I'm all caught up reading your blog. I took a bit of a break from a lot of social media for the Easter season so now catching up with my friends. I love all the stitching you've done! Everything is beautiful! I love your plastic canvas magnets, but totally agree with you, plastic canvas is NOT for me either. It's very difficult to work with and clutzy for me. I enjoyed this book, too, and she's a new favorite author.

It was fun catching up with you and I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

He is Risen!


gracie said...

those magnets are adorable.

RJ said...

Congrats to Manuela. Love your sweet poodle magnets and I know your friends at the retirement home are going to love them too. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Carol said...

So glad you finished the poodle magnets, Vickie, and that Jim and Mary loved them--that was so sweet of you. Definitely sounds like a book I would like--I'm reading the Librarian of Auschwitz now and can hardly put it down!

Julie said...

The poodle magnets are so cute. I bet they brought a smile to the faces of your friends.

Meg said...

Congratulations to Manuela for winning the giveaway! And what a clever way to pick a winner. :-)

The poodle magnets are darling, Vickie! I love their curly ears and googley eyes. And those little pink tongues!

Astrids dragon said...

The poodle magnets are great and I love that Henry came with you to deliver them!

diamondc said...

Hi Vickie: Happy Easter.
Love the poodle magnets, so cute.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Those magnets are wonderful. I can see why your friends liked them.