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Friday, March 15, 2019


Hi friends! I would like to share a new design I created.
A leaping leprechaun poodle! HA! A friend from Instagram and Flosstube, Leanne from Lost In Floss, had stitched a leaping leprechaun and told me she thought I could design a leaping poodle. Well, I got to work! What do you think? I think he is rather cute.😊

I guess you never know what you will see here do you? Mer-poodles. Leprechaun poodles. Well, you do know you will see poodles. HA!🐩🐩🐩
I have to ask. Is anyone else reading The Cat Who series? Or have you read this series? I just love it. I actually dread running out of these books.☹️Every time I read these books I think of Astrid and her two tonkinese cats! Now the main character in this book, Jim Qwilleran has two siamese, but it still makes me think of you Astrid!😉

In this charming Cat Who mystery, a misused mansion sets the stage for a strange caper for Jim Qwilleran and his cats Koko and Yum Yum. Qwill’s moved into the old Gage mansion—and the cats are on a treasure hunt. The house’s fifty closets are crammed with several generations of junk, and while Qwill investigates two recent deaths—those of the mansion’s former occupant and a local potato farmer—Koko investigates the contents of the closets. Qwill and the cats wind up unearthing some surprising skeletons—and bringing long-buried secrets to light...

Jim Qwilleran and his cats scramble for clues when peaceful Breakfast Island is turned upside-down by murder in this mystery in the New York Times bestselling Cat Who series. Qwilleran and the cats are visiting an island known by many names. Qwill has always called it Breakfast Island, but to the taciturn natives, it’s Providence Island. To the rich summer resident, it’s Grand Island—and to the developers and tourists who are turning this once-peaceful place into a circus, it’s Pear Island. But when some odd “accidents” occur, including a fatal boat explosion, Qwill suspects sabotage and sets out to investigate—because murder by any other name is just as deadly...
I was not planning on it, but I am stitching up yet another St. Patrick's Day pattern! I found a new freebie and I really like it. I happen to be a little Irish, so why not??🍀

I hope you have a wonderful, stitchtastic weekend! It has warmed up around here! For us that means in the forties! Exciting, huh? Warm, right?😉 For us, we will take it!!

These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”  John 16:33

Stitching and praying,


MartinaM said...

Hi Vickie,
Well - the little poodle looks so fine, so noble with his bow and hat. Did you design great.
No I have not read this series, but I've already written down your tip - maybe soon.
Have a nice weekend, have a lot of Stitching Time,
Hugs, Martina

butterfly said...

What a cute poodle , love him .
Have a great day and a fab weekend.

Marilyn said...

Your leprechaun poodle is too cute!
I'm so glad it warmed up.
Most of the snow melted in the last 2 days.
Adios Winter!!
Have a great weekend.

Stasi said...

Love the poodle doing a jig!

Willy said...

I love the poodle!
Lieve groet,

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Vickie, your leaping leprechaun poodle is adorable. Well done! I haven't read this series, so I will look for it. Enjoy your weekend!

marly said...

How cute!

Carol said...

He looks like he is performing an Irish jig, Vickie--simply adorable!!

Enjoy your warmer weather--we have been blessed with very spring-like 60-70 degree days, but it is falling back into the 30s for the weekend. Oh well--a taste of spring is better than no spring!

Linda said...

Your little poodle design is adorable Vickie.


gracie said...

Love the leaping poodle. Yes I have read the cat mysteries twice and hated that they ended.

Barb said...

That dancing poodle is absolutely adorable!! I have not tried that series as yet.

Manuela said...

A very cute little poddle.
Have a nice stitching weekend, my friend.
Hugs, Manuela

Margaret said...

Your leaping leprechaun poodle is adorable! Enjoy the warmer weather!

Ele said...

your poodle is so cute!
Have e wonderful weekend

Andrea said...

Love the leprechaun poodle with his heals clicking together. :)
Have a good weekend.

Sweet Sue said...

Oh Vickie, your poodle is more than cute, darling!