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Thursday, December 13, 2018

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Hi friends! Have you been busy with Christmas preparations just like me? I am sure you are! Well I am happy to say my Christmas cards are out, and this year, I have taken a new approach. I am baking  family favorite cookie recipes twice weekly in December. They have all disappeared so far and everyone is very happy. I do have these pictures to share with you.
I have been making these cookies for about 20 years now. My kids call these cookies Prayer Bear cookies. They went to Wednesday Morning Bible School when they were three years old. And there was a video they watched there and the character in the video was a teddy bear called Prayer Bear.
I did a search and here is a very short video clip for you.
Anyhow, my three were very fond of Prayer Bear and since I had just begun baking these cookies, which are actually called 'Beary Cute Cookies' by Taste of Home, these became a very popular snack provided by me over the course of the years for each of the children.🐻 If you would like to give this cookie recipe a try, the link to the recipe is right HERE You will notice that the faces of the little bears look slightly different now. They felt they needed to update them I suppose after this many years. I was surprised by that when I looked up the recipe to give you the link. I prefer my version, the old original sweet, plain teddy bear faces. To each their own I guess.
Any Peanut Blossom fans out there?

What else have I been up to? I have had a vision of a white wreath with pink accents. Imagine that!!😉So I have been making that come true! With fabric stars! I originally saw the directions to make fabric stars on CraftGossip many months ago and printed them off, knowing I wanted to make them as gifts for Christmas. Then I realized I would also use them in this wreath. I will tell you right now that they are much more time consuming to make then I ever thought they would be. If you want much easier instructions to make them go here to our friend Cindy's YouTube Tutorial. Click on the video below. Her instructions are SO MUCH EASIER  than the ones provided  by CraftGossip! Thank you Cindy!!
Here are the pink and green fabric stars I made.
And here they are on my wreath.😁
I have begun making more Christmas stars with another set of fabric. These are to be gifts, so I am not showing them yet.😉

This is the first month all year that I do not have the floral wreath for my cubby shelf completed before the month has begun. I have put everyone else first. I must! It will get done. Very soon!

I hope you have an excellent weekend my friends! I am no longer stressing out. Well, hardly. It is all getting done.

"Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain." -1 Corinthians 15:58

Stitching and praying,
Little Henry got his haircut. He is all ready for Christmas!


Linda said...

Oh those cookies look so yummy Vickie. Your starts are very pretty.


Jenny said...

Hi Vickie.... Your cookies look really yummy and those bears are too adorable for words! My kids loved Prayer Bear as well and to this day when we pray together at the end it is always “ Amen and me too” the quote from the!

Your wreath and stars are adorable! I just love your creativity!

Hugs my friend!

Stasi said...

Those are some cute cookies....and your wreath is lovely!

gracie said...

Love Henry's sweet face! Thank you for the video as it is easier when you can really see each step. I will definitely try at least one and yours are so pretty as is the wreath.

Julie said...

A beautiful wreath you have created with those lovely stars.
Yummy cookies ... they look delicious

Carol said...

Love your baking idea, Vickie! I bake a lot at Thanksgiving and then freeze half of my cookies for Christmas. My Peanut Blossoms are all done and just waiting for me in the freezer :) Your bear cookies are very cute!

Love those stars on your pink wreath. Cindy's video makes them look so easy--I'm sorry to hear they were very time consuming, though. Not what I need at this time of year. I still have no cards out and they may not get done until next week. Oh, well--we can only do our best, right?

Mary said...

Vickie, your little bear cookies are so cute. I'm supposed to go to my sisters Sat for our cookie bake, I'll have to try these. Never had a peanut blossom but I love PB and chocolate together. Your star ornaments are lovely and look so pretty on your white wreath. You certainly have been busy! Little Henry is looking sharp!!

marly said...

Oh Henry you handsome little bugger! I do like the peanut blossoms, but never made them. And I don't care how easy you say those stars may be, they look involved to me!

Barb said...

Henry loos so cute! You have a lovely post. I love the cloth stars. Yours are so pretty. I have some quilting so I am not surprised they took a bit of time. I had not heard of prayer bear. Thanks for sharing the video. I do love the peanut blossoms!

MartinaM said...

Hi Vickie,
Your bears cookies look delicious, I would like to access them as well. But even your peanut butter cookies look seductive.
The fabric stars are really pretty and a nice decoration idea. But also to give away a nice little thing.
And little Henry looks so pretty.
have a nice 3rd Advent, Hugs Martina

Manuela said...

Your cookies look delicious.
The stars are wonderful and a pefect decoration.
Have a nice weekend.
Hugs, Manuela

Marilyn said...

I think Peanut Blossoms are everyone's favorite! :)
The bears are too cute.
Very pretty wreath.
Henry looks sooooo fluffy!
Have a great weekend!

Robin in Virginia said...

Little Henry looks very dapper with his new 'do! I do like Peanut Butter Blossoms and the bears are adorable. Oh Vickie, your wreath looks fabulous. Your fabric stars looks great. Did you permanently attach the stars to your wreath?

Enjoy your weekend!

Andrea said...

Your cookies look wonderful, I could just eat one with my cup of coffee I'm drinking. Your wreaths and ornament stars ae gorgeous.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your cookies look delicious. The new versions look much bigger so you can't eat as many!
Nice work on the wreath especially those fabric stars.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

There is nothing like home baking Vickie. My mum baked for us when we were young and I remember it fondly - it's something that stays with you and I'm sure your children feel the same. Henry is so handsome - I do miss having a poodle but I'm still hoping that one day it might be possible - they are unique.

Penny said...

Those cookies look so good! I've never come across a cookie I didn't love. : ) And your wreath is lovely! Henry is a cutie. : )

Barbara said...

Well Henry just looks adorable! Haven't even started making cookies but will be doing that next week. Shopping is all finished and decorations are up. It just creeps up on me so fast every year and the older I get, the faster it creeps.

Astrids dragon said...

I like the look of your cookies much better! How did I miss the Prayer Bear?!
Oh yes, the Peanut Blossoms are yummy. I haven't made them in a while, now I think I need to make them this year!
Your fabric stars look wonderful, perfect for your wreath. I'd like to think I could tackle that, but I'm not too sure.
Henry looks adorable, ready for the holidays!

Lili said...

The cookies looks so yummy! Thanks for the recipe link!
Your wreath is very beautiful, love the fabric Scandinavian Christmas tree stars!

Happy Holidays!

rosey175 said...

I prefer your version of the bears! The new ones almost look scary haha. I haven't made PB blossoms as I've been afraid of anything "two piece" would fall apart when sent on their long journeys. Snickers are our go-to, basically a mini snickers bar wrapped in peanut butter cookie dough!

A pink themed wreath! Are the lights on it the little battery tea lights? It's so cute! Just like Henry and His Haircut (sounds like a book title hah).