Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10

Friday, October 7, 2016

Ornaments! Ornaments!

Hi friends! I certainly came up with stitching projects! Yes, more than one. I am overwhelmed. I decided to kit up the kids' Christmas ornaments. I thought I knew what I would stitch them this year. Well, those ornaments will be next year, BECAUSE I got a BIG idea. HA! BIG idea = more work

Last year I was gifted  these lovely ornaments from our friend Nienke. Click on her name there to see my post from last year and the ornaments. I knew I wanted to stitch up some some sweet patterns to fit inside all three of those ornaments. The light bulb went off in my head last week. Wait a minute! THREE! And, and, I have three kids to make ornaments for!! Woo hoo! How exciting! How amazing! How awesome this is going to be! Yes! Then I realized something. Um... wait. Each ornament has two openings. One on each side. I  need to stitch up SIX? ornaments?!? Oh man.

So I grabbed my stack of Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments magazines with all the little post-it notes sticking out of them and flipped through them. And flipped through them. And flipped through them. Decisions! Wow. Yikes. Finally I found one to begin with and away I stitched. And then guess what happened. I finished it and it fit, because it was small enough, but it does not look right inside the tree opening of the ornament. I did not think this through well enough beforehand. GRRR. The rectangle shape gets partially obstructed by the tree opening shape. RATS! This is the finished stitching.
Really neat, isn't it? This pattern is called Scandinavian Tree by Scandinavian Stitches. It can be found in the 2013 JCS Christmas Ornaments Magazine. It is stitched with the DMC called for, one over one on 28ct white Cashel linen. It is little. :)

This was going to be for Jacob. I set it aside to make up into an ornament for someone else in the future. That is great, but I want to get started on my SIX ORNAMENTS!!

Get the JCS Christmas Ornaments magazines back out. Flip. Flip. Pick. Stitch. And a finish! This is Baby Cardinal by The Victoria Sampler.
Precious, isn't it? This one is for Emerson. It will fit nicely in his star ornament. I stitched this two over two on 28ct light mocha linen with DMC and VMSS in Valentine Red because I kinda redid the reds as I liked. ;) I also used french knots instead of beads. I stitched up a star, as I did not have the yellow star button. I like it!

One down, five to go friends!

Our friend Jo recently sent me a pdf RAK. She gave me a Curtis Boehringer October One Two Three chart. Perfect little October stitching for the cubby. I thank you once again Jo.

I received another RAK from our friend Barbara. She has been collecting smaller pieces of linen to give to me. And a few NOT smaller pieces! ;) Thank you my friend.

I had to stop reading a book last week. This was a fiction book, written by an author that I have read all the books in the series. I let little details in the stories slide in the past. Things I should not have. This time I could not let it go. I was 40% done with the book when I just stopped and returned it to the library. I am a Christian. My actions AND my reading have to show this.

I decided to finish reading a book I was 90% done with. This is one I have been working on for months. It is not your typical reading. This book is called  Wounded By Love by Elder Porphyrios. This is an excellent book. It was given to us by a friend a church. This book is powerful. What an inspiring life!

Elder Porphyrios, a Greek monk and priest who died in 1991, stands in the long tradition of charismatic spiritual guides in the Eastern Church which continues from the apostolic age down to figures such as Saint Seraphim of Sarov and Staretz Silouan in modern times. In this book he tells the story of his life and, in simple, deeply reflected and profoundly wise words, he expounds the Christian faith for today.
The vibrant personality of Elder Porphyrios at all times shines through his words with great transparency and charm. In his introduction to the Greek edition Bishop Irenaeus of Chania writes: 'The words of blessed Elder Porphyrios are the words of a holy Father, of a man with the gift of clear sight, who was ever retiring, humble, simple and ardent and whose life was a true and authentic witness to Christ, to His truth and to His joy. Through his presence, love, prayer, counsel and guidance he supported an untold number of people in the difficult hours of illness, mourning, pain, loss of faith and death. He is a god-bearing Father of our days, a true priest and teacher who in his ascetic way fell in love with Christ and faithfully served his fellow man.'
This book was compiled after Elder Porphyrios's death from an archive of notes and recordings of his reminiscences, conversations and words of guidance, and was first published in Greek in 2003. Since its publication in English in 2005 it has been reprinted five times.
Quotes from the book
Man has such powers that he can transmit good or evil to his environment. These matters are very delicate. Great care is needed. We need to see everything in a positive frame of mind. We mustn’t think anything evil about others. Even a simple glance or a sigh influences those around us. And even the slightest anger or indignation does harm. We need to have goodness and love in our soul and to transmit these things.

We need to be careful not to harbour any resentment against those who harm us, but rather to pray for them with love. Whatever any of our fellow men does, we should never think evil of him. We need always to have thoughts of love and always to think good of others. Look at Saint Stephen the first martyr. He prayed, Lord, do not hold this sin against them. We need to do the same.

Last week I gave away a chart to a non-American friend. This week I am having a giveaway for an American friend. To take part in this giveaway you need to live in the USA. You need to be a follower of mine. You also need to leave a comment on this post telling me you would like to be entered in the giveaway. Here is the chart I am offering, Glory Scissor Fob by Shepherd's Bush.
I will announce the winner on Friday, October 14th.

I am working on another Christmas ornament. One for Madeleine. Also I am stitching up the October design by Palko for my cubby shelf when Madeleine is home. ;)

Thank you for stopping by the blog today my friends. I appreciate the comments you leave. Have a stitchtastic weekend!

Stitching and praying,


Annie said...

Cute little 'negative' tree. I'm sure you'll find a way to use it. All your little ornaments are so cute.

Perfect gifts for you. I'm sure you will put those pieces of linen to good use.

Mii Stitch said...

Awww I love that baby cardinal!!! It's so cute!!!

Tiffstitch said...

Very nice ornaments and generous gifts!

Ann Neal said...

Lovely ornies. Please enter me in the drawing for the SB scissor fob pattern. Thanks!
Ann Neal

Manuela said...

Lovely little tree ornament. Your stitches are so tiny.
Happy Weekend.

Terri said...

I love the little cardinal! Which issue was that in? Beautiful stitching!

Margaret said...

6 to stitch this year, huh? But I have faith in you. You will do it! Love the first ornament, and also the one that didn't work out. Beautiful! I'll be rooting you on!

Sandra die Puppenhexe said...

My dear friend,
I apologize for not having commented any longer. It was so turbulent but I think you understand .. smile ..
Your idea is great and I am looking forward to the further development of your project. Even if the fir tree is not suitable, I have understood it, it is so enchanting and surely finds another use.
Greet you warmly
Your Sandra

Pull the other thread said...

Love the two ornament finishes, the cardinal is so cute. Best of luck with finishing off the other 5. What fantastic RAKs you got, the fabrics are lovely.

Linda said...

Cute ornaments Vickie.


Vicki said...

The little ornaments are so cute. The red one is so vivid I thought I could pick it up! I have been reevaluating some of the books I own. Especially my Christmas books. I'm with you,if I feel uncomfortable reading a book because of my faith then I shouldn't keep it and off to Goodwill it goes.

Vicki said...

The little ornaments are so cute. The red one is so vivid I thought I could pick it up! I have been reevaluating some of the books I own. Especially my Christmas books. I'm with you,if I feel uncomfortable reading a book because of my faith then I shouldn't keep it and off to Goodwill it goes.

Bea said...

Both those ornaments are lovely - what a shame the first one doesn't work right. I'm sure you'll find a good use for it. Nice stash - stitchers are always so generous.

Angela Tucker said...

Why is it that I have exactly the same magazine, but I have never even thought about stitching these ornaments? I really like the tree, something about the tiny little stitches and that color? Beautiful.

Have an amazing weekend, sweet Vickie.

gominam said...

I love your new cute ornament finishes! At the rate you're going you'll be able to stitch all of it way before Christmasđź‘Ť Have a lovely weekend.

Andrea said...

Wonderful cute ornaments.

Anne said...

Beautiful stitching Vickie!! I adore that little birdie one and I think Emerson will love it! Ah, the blessed lives of saints. I have not read this book but have heard of him and of course Father Seraphim of Sarov. A famous modern saint! Glad to see the chart going to someone to stitch! Wish I stitched more these days. Hugs to you my friend!

Jenny said...

Oh Vickie I love your precious ornaments! They are just beautiful as always! The little Cardinal is just too cute! After seeing yours it reminded me how much Emily loved one of the ornaments in that magazine so I just got mine out to find it...lol! Thank you! I love Shepherds Bush designs and this scissor fob is too adorable...I would love to be entered in your giveaway:) I hope you have a good weekend my friend and happy stitching on your ornaments! Hugs!

Ele said...

lovely stitching, well done!

Lili said...

Beautiful Christmas ornaments, love the little cardinal.
Enjoy your gifts!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Beautiful stitching my sweet friend. :) I am proud of you for returning the book and standing up for what you believe. It's like I always say, God is with us everywhere, we don't leave Him behind at the church door. Besides, aren't you having more fun reading about Bo any who! :) Blessings always sweet friend.

Carol said...

My, that is an ambitious project to stitch two designs for each ornament, Vickie!! I so love the little cardinal--I stitched him a couple years back, too...

You received some very nice gifts--love the little scraps of linen. They will be perfect for all of your over one stitching :)

And please enter me in your patriotic fob giveaway--that is one I don't own and would be thrilled to stitch it and pass the chart along...

Julie said...

Lovely cardinal stitch for the ornament.
Great little fabrics you have been sent for the cubby projects.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Two great little ornies, glad one of them fits! The tree would be OK if you stitched the blank parts but that defeats the object of the design!
Glad you liked your RAK.

Barbara said...

Vickie as always your stitching inspires me. You are so welcome my friend and I know they will be put to good use.

Irmeli said...

Such really nice stitching you have done. Especially the baby cardinal is so cute.

Brigitte said...

Such lovely little ornaments. And a great gift from Barbara.

Christina said...

Great job on your ornaments. Wow, you are industrious. I would have just put some nice coordinating fabric on one side of my ornament. LOL Great job on both, I especially love the bird. What a great gift, all of that linen.

Von said...

Your Christmas ornament idea is brilliant! Can't wait to see more! :)

laceystitcher said...

Love your tiny ornaments; just so cute! Blessings to you for knowing that books reflect what you believe and how you live your faith. So glad. I live in Kansas, and I would like to be entered in your SB giveaway; what an adorable pattern. Thank you.

P.S. How are you doing with your migraines? Have they quit? Hope so.

Beth said...

Great ornaments and RAK goodness! Would love to be entered in the contest for the chart.

Frances N said...

I love the red tree!!! The red color is so lovely!
You will get all those ornaments done in no time! You seem to stitch very fast!
I love the little Shepherd's Bush chart, and would love to be entered!

moreofhim said...

Very pretty ornaments! I'm sorry the first one won't work but it will be a beautiful gift for someone. I love the little cardinal! What an adorable hat on your precious poodle! So cute!!! I know what you mean about reading certain things. I have to be careful with the same thing because I do enjoy a good murder mystery. I have certain authors that I know are fine but have had to set more than one book aside in the past.

I would love to be entered in your giveaway. Such an adorable pattern!
Praying as always for you!

Blessings - Julie

Sarah in Stitches said...

Oh, such sweet ornaments! I can't wait to see what the final project is going to look like. Enjoy your linen goodies! :D