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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Two Hogs

Hi friends! It has been sunny and warm(er) here! Love it! Much of our snow is melting! Yay!  This has had me, my next door neighbor and the next neighbor down doing the same thing. All three of us ladies have been picking up dog poop in the backyards. Yucko!!

So I have two cute hogs to share with you. :) The first is a groundhog. This is a free pattern from Bent Creek. You can find the pattern RIGHT HERE. I found the pattern through our friend Yuko.
Isn't he just adorable?! I could not resist this stitch. Even though I could care less what a groundhog has to say about Spring arriving early or late!!!!
I used neutral, solid fabrics and my Sweet Liberty-Tuffets pattern to make up this pillow. It turned out the slightest bit wonky. Oh well. I don't know how that happened. I usually get freaky about stuff like that. This time I am letting it be. I still find it cute. :)
This little fella is stitched two over two on 32ct Lambswool linen. I used DMC 3865 and Crescent Colours Milady's Teal. Which I think is a dumb name. No teal involved at all. Just variegated grey. Whatever!

The only pretty sign of Spring around here is this orchid in bloom.
That is the same flower. I took the two pictures in different lighting. The first picture shows the color more accurately. I am so glad this and my other orchid have survived and thrived for almost one year now. I was given one by Brian and this one by my mom. Interestingly they were both given to me when I had cancer surgery last year. I should mention that I just went for another skin exam by the dermatologist and all is well, no more melanomas. I go for yet another exam in 3 months time.

This is the second hog.
The Margaret Sherry freebie you can find HERE. I found this perfect grey frame for him at Michael's. I will be giving him to my hairdresser before the end of this month. :)

Several of you generous, kind hearted friends are gifting me with pink fabrics to be used in my Epic Pink Quilt. I thank you once again. Because of your gifts, I will be able to start that Pink Charm Tumbler Quilt all the sooner. You can see how many different pink fabrics I still need, by checking above  in my sidebar.  I will keep the countdown over there. :) My quilt will be all the more special when fabrics from friends around the world are stitched right in.♥ June and Peggy, I have cut tumbler patches with the pink fabrics you have given me.

I have stitched up yet another freebie. This one is for St. Patrick's Day and it is for my mom. I will be doing the finishing on that today. I will share pictures next time.

I hope you have a really wonderful weekend my friends. Thank you for stopping by today. I thanked God for you today!

Stitching and praying,
Miss Mabel snoozing away in Jacob's jackets. She is waiting and waiting for that young man to wake up!


Carol said...

I'm not generally a fan of hogs, but those are two very cute ones, Vickie!! Your orchid is so lovely... Mine that was given to me when Dad died in October is still blooming :) I am amazed as I was sure I would kill it off in the first month...

So glad the dermatologist gave you a clean bill of health!

Margaret said...

Very very cute finishes! I have a fondness for groundhogs somehow. lol! Love your orchid -- I think I would kill it if I had possession of it. Hooray for a good report at the dermatologist! Such a relief!

Margaret said...

Love your groundhogs. They are so cute and your finishes are great.

Your orchid is gorgeous. Beautiful color. Our first one is just starting to bloom.

Jacqueline Morris said...

Hogs.... Hee hee I love the 2 you have done, they are ever so cute. I think you have made a wonderful pillow and the wonkiness adds to the cuteness!
You have been busy !!
So pleased your snow is going...I like to look at it but oh it's so dangerous and cold.
Smiles :)

CalamityJr said...

Love your hedgehog! My daughter got a hedgehog toy for her puppy and named it Pat the Rat - I think you almost have to be a stitcher exposed to British designs to know them, haha. (Or it could be regional?). Anyway, your hogs are cute as can be.
Your orchids are beautiful; you must really have a green thumb. And your quilt is going to be even more amazing, with all the world-wide love from friends sewn in.

butterfly said...

Love your hogggggs .
Beautiful flower I love orchids.

Honeybee said...

That Bent Creek groundhog is *adorable*. Thanks so much for sharing the link!

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Lovely stitching finishes Vickie and an adorable picture of Mabel

gominam said...

Adorable hogs indeed! plus lovely blooms, I enjoyed reading your blog, now I'm a follower;)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I've seen the M Sherry hedgehog before but never the little groundhog, he is so sweet! We know all about him here because of the film, Groundhog Day.
The orchid is beautiful too.
But the dog poo in the garden? Yuk! At least cats will use a litter box!

Frances said...

What cute finishes! You did a great job with both! Thanks for sharing that sweet groundhog pattern--I love it!
So glad your Dr. appointment was a good one!

Rachel S-H said...

So cute!

Michelle said...

I agree so cute xx

Cindy's Stitching said...

The hogs are so cute. I adore them. Sleeping in the coat, to cute.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I do like my orchids as well Vickie - I find them so easy to keep as I'm not green fingered at all.
I'm so glad your skin exam was fine, it's always a nice feeling to leave a check up when the news is good.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Both of these "hogs" are adorable! Thank you for the links. I have some pinks in the envelope for you Vickie and hope to get to the post office on Monday. blessings, marlene

Yuko said...

Dear Vickie,
How lovely your Hogs are!!
I love how you finished Bent Creek Hog, it's so lovely!!
And another one is also very cute!!
I love your sweet dogs, too!
Are they toy poodles?

CJ said...

Your hogs are lovely. My little schnauzer loves to sleep in the laundry basket.


Carolien said...

Hello Vickie,

I'm glad the skin exam was positive for you!!!
Lovely finishes, you do have quite a 'production line'! ;)
My pinks are coming to you, the envelope was posted last Friday. How nice more quilters are sending their fabrics!

Have a nice day and happy stitching,

Ele said...

very nice stitching!
love the way you finished the little pillow
have a relaxing sunday

Sarah in Stitches said...

Adorable hogs! Congrats on the finishes :D

Annie said...

Cute little ground hogs. They sure gave some bad predictions this year!

Beautiful orchid. I guess you have a green/purple thumb!

Great news from the derm! Congrats!

Lelia said...

Both are delightful!!!

Julie said...

Two very lovely finishes.
Great news from the dermatologist.
Beautiful orchid, mine is in full flower at moment, a colour very similar to yours.

Mii Stitch said...

Both finishes are just lovely! The little cushion is my favourite with the gorgeous neutral fabrics... and it doesn't look wonky, it's perfect!!

Paisley said...

Love both your hogs! Too cute!

Melanie said...

Gah! That groundhog really IS cute! They really nailed the look on his face. lol

Christina said...

Very cute groundhogs. Love your orchid. I'm not good with orchids so I gave up on them. LOL

Brigitte said...

These hogs are definitely very cute. And that pillow finishing gives it a wonderful frame.
Orchids are among my favourites too. I have one in the kitchen and my husband tends to it so well that it now starts blooming again.

Stitching Noni said...

Your hogs are so sweet... I love hedgehogs and the MS ones are always so cute!
Your orchid is beautiful. So pleased to hear you skin exam went well
Hugs xx