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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Warm, PINK Goodness

Hi friends! I received a Christmas package from our friend Shirlee a while ago, but I waited to open it for a little bit. Let me show you what Shirlee gave me.
I had to create some snow to go with that awesome pink scarf! ;) You may have seen this scarf? I did. Way back in October on Angela's blog. I had even commented on it's greatness. :) Her mum made this as a donation to Gaynor's Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser.  Shirlee tells me that when she saw this and her raffle ticket was chosen, she chose this for me. I am so touched.

Isn't it awesome? This very pretty, very warm cable scarf was made so very well by Angela's mum. She generously donated it for the Fundraiser and Shirlee lovingly gave it to me. What a neat thing to be a part of! Thank you again Shirlee.♥

This is the gift I sewed for Shirlee. She has opened it already, so I am going to share it with you. :)
 Do you see the mouse? That is what I made her. This is Shirlee's picture I borrowed. I forgot to take a picture of the mouse and counting pins I gave her. He is designed to be a pincushion. She placed him in the tree. :) Looks good too! I had never made this before. I wanted to make something different for sweet Shirlee, and this is what I decided on. I found the tutorial for the mouse HERE. I scaled my pattern size down to about half. It was too big for me. Made me think of a rat, not a mouse. ;)

I have been stitching on Theotokos. Were you frightened on Tuesday? Did you hear me? This was me!
Much, much unstitching was going on Tuesday on Theotokos. :(  It is all fixed now though. So on I go! Here is a progress picture of where I am at now.
And finally, look! I just knew it! I knew Santa was my kinda guy!

Oh I hope one of those poodles is for me? Or all three? No, couldn't be. I would truly prefer a teacup poodle. Santa knows that! sigh. Well, I can always hope for his snow globe, right?

Stitching and baking and praying,


Mrs. GraceWorks said...

What a sweet gift from Shirlee! It looks beautiful on you! Great stitching, too!

Angela P said...

That was really sweet of Shirlee to gift you with the raffle win of my Mom's scarf. It looks fabulous on you and I will share your picture/post with her over Christmas :)

I couldn't see the pic of the gift you gave to Shirlee, will try again later.

Cindy's Stitching said...

The scarf is so pretty. I couldn't see a picture of what you made. Probably a blogger issue.

Michelle said...

What a lovely gift for Shirlee to send you - hope you are feeling a little better xx

Julie said...

A very beautiful and special gift, how thoughtful.
Have a wonderful Christmas.

Maggee said...

What a really nice gesture from Shirlee! The scarf will 'surely' keep you toasty and warm! I saved that mouse pattern, since my daughter's nickname is Mouse! You never know... I might make it someday! Sorry about the frogs visiting, but glad to see you are back at stitching! Hugs!

Christina said...

Wow, that scarf is amazing. What a wonderful surprise for you. What a cute mouse.

Lesley said...

What a beautifully knitted scarf,a lovely gift.
I love the little mouse you created Vickie and Theotokas is looking good.

Annette-California said...

Super Lovely pink scarf from Shirlee! How incredible of her to have selected a perfect gift for you:) Your stitched gifts for Shirlee are so pretty and the mouse makes me smile. Glad you got thru correcting Theotokos! Gorgeous progress. love Annette

Margaret said...

Love the scarf and the story behind it too! Love the wee mouse you gave to Shirlee as well -- so sweet! Theotokis is looking fabulous! lol -- love that pic of Santa!

Anne said...

Beautiful scarf and lovely photo of you Vickie. Very sweet of Shirlee to send you the scarf. Love the little mouse you made for her! You have made quite a lot of progress on the Theotokos! It's beautiful!!

Andrea said...

What a gorgeous gift from Shirlee. Wonderful gifts you sent too. Great progress on Theotokos.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

Melanie said...

Super nice scarf! It looks warm too which I'm sure you need up there with all that snow you guys get. :)

Varla Lee said...

Hahahahaahh!! I'm still laughing about Chewbacca...oh my, i can resist it!! Hahahahah!!! Ok! Enough!
Let me say you that I love the little mouse, the pink scarf that you recive from her. ( I love pink!)
And naturaly the little embroidery tree! So for theotokis: "Keep calm & go ahead the cross stitching!"
Big warm hug & keep cozy!