Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pyramid of Cats

Hi friends!  Today I am here with finish #3 for the MMMM SAL I am in. I finished the Pyramid of Cats freebie(click this for the link). I started calling it Mess of Cats. That's what it is! I changed almost every set of eyes and noses too. There is one fudge in there. TOO BAD!

This was stitched one over one on 28ct Dresden Blue Meran linen. My mom's favorite color is blue. And this is for her for Christmas. I plan to make it up into a flatfold. I used DMC 310, white, 318, 4015, and 4070 and 4126 for eyes.
This first picture is not true to color. It does show the color variations better though. It has been rainy and gloomy here for days. This next picture shows the color of the linen better.
That is supposed to be her kitten "Cutie" on the top. Yikes! Cutie gave me real problems. Cutie is rather a stinker in real life too. I do not tell my mother that. ;) Honestly, we had so many cats while I was growing up. None of them were as wild as Cutie. Sure hope she is not always a little brat. Anyways, her feet are white. Tried stitching those tiny feet a few different ways that did not look weird, and just said, "NO MORE FROGGING!, This is it!"

The winner of the LK 'Thankful String' chart is Andrea!  I have notified you by email. Once I have your postal address Andrea, the chart will be on it's way to you. =)

I am having a yucky pooey high pain day today. To be hones, it has been a bad week thus far. If you would like to pray for this pain to settle down for me, I would LOVE that. Thank you.

I want to say hello to my  new followers. Welcome! So glad to have all of you friends stop by.♥

Off to stitch some more on a Christmas ornament. Til next time!

Stitching and praying,


Krista said...

Love the pile of kitties! Who could not!? :) Do you have the link to the freebie chart? Enjoy your day!

Jacquie Morris said...

your kitties are fun, made me smile lots..
Have a happy day :)
Smiles :)

Sally said...

What a cute pile of kitties. So adorable.

Trace4J said...

I am prays for you friend.
From the top of your head to the bottom of your toes.
I love the adorable cats.
I just rescued a starving lil kitty this week.
She is sick and quarantined in our bathroom on meds.
Fingers crossed she gets better soon.
Woolie Blessiings


Mii Stitch said...

Kitties galore!! A cute finish, I'm sure your mum will be delighted :)

gracie said...

The kitties look great...not so great is that you are in pain...keeping you in my thoughts....

Brigitte said...

So cute, all these little kitties. Your mom will be delighted.
I hope that your pain will disappear, and if not disappear, at least get less. I'll be thinking of you.

cucki said...

So cute kitties ..I love them
You are in my thoughts and prayers my dear xx

Cindy's Stitching said...

So cute .

Annie said...

Such a cute design! I've never seen that before. That will make an adorable gift.

So sorry to hear the pain is acting up. Hope it's just temporary flare that subsides soon. Sending good thoughts.

Carol said...

Your mom will just love this one, Vickie!! So sorry to hear about the pain--I wonder if the yukky weather has anything to do with it? Hope to hear your pain is dwindling very soon :)

Brenda A said...

That is an awesome design! I'm sorry it gave you so much trouble though!

Preeti said...

Cute finish !!:) hope you feel better soon.

Annette-California said...

Prayers for you sweet Vickie. Pile of kitties is soooo cute. Your mom is going to love this. Can you feel the prayers for you? Oh yes!!!
love Annette

butterfly said...

Yes this is such a sweet one you are stitching.
You are always in my prayers sweet friend.

marly said...

That's a cute pile of cats. So sorry about your pain. I wish there was something they could do for you that lasts.

rosey175 said...

One can neeeevvvvverrrr have enough cats!! :))) Your finish is adorable and I had to add that freebie to my stash (sigh).

Pain, pain, fly away! Quickly! I blame all the icky weather lately.

Lillie said...

Adorable kitties and that was fast.

Conrad's to the winner

Sorry to hear you pain, wishing you a speedy recovery..take care

Christine said...

That is adorable. Hope you feel better soon

Lesley said...

I love this design!
Hoping you pain subsides very soon

Iwona said...

Fantastic kitties !!!

Cathy said...

I hope that your pain is gone for good very soon! Could you post the link for this very cute Pyramid of Cats chart?

Beth said...

What a cute stitch Vickie - with 4 cats I sometimes feel as though I have a pyramid!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love your pile of kitties, especially the black one on the very top.

Hope you are feeling better soon too.

Cathy said...

Thank you so much for the link to the chart!

diamondc said...

Adorablr pattern thank-you for the link.


Melanie said...

It's so cute. :)
Hope you feel better soon!!!

moreofhim said...

What a cute little pile of cats! I'm sure your mother is going to love it. I'm so sorry to hear your pain has increased...you are definitely in my prayers, Vickie. I pray the Lord will touch your body with healing and comfort.

Blessings - Julie

Varla Lee said...

Dear Vicki, as you know, you are alway in my prayer. I will partecipate in the 2 spiritual days "Ruah" & I belong to the group of intercession. I'll put your name in for more prayes. Take care dear friend. Warm hugs.

Maggee said...

Playing catch up is not always timely for prayer requests, but know that I have lifted you up for pain relief! I look forward to seeing the mess of cats piece finished as a flatfold! Hugs!

Thoeria said...

What a lovely design! I love kitties myself :)