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Sunday, June 15, 2014


Hi friends! How are you? All is well here. A few weeks ago I stitched up this sweet little bird for our friend June. Now that June has opened her gift, I can show you. :)
Had to borrow this picture from June. I forgot to take one! ;)
The pattern is by Lesley Teare. It is called Free As A Bird, and it is found in the Rustic Style pattern book by Cross Stitcher. I made this dear, little birdie into a magnet for June. I also made her counting pins, and gave her blue columbine seeds from my garden.
I held out as long as I could. You all know I like to share quite a few of my charts and magazines with fellow stitchers. Well, the international postage has become too much for me. I just cannot swing it any longer. I just mailed off the last magazine I can share internationally. It cost me $14.00 to mail a magazine! I am sorry. It saddens me. I will still be offering small charts internationally. :)
I made another gift  last week for a fellow stitcher. It is a new way to finish for me. :) I will share it with you this week, after she receives it. ;)

I am stitching up a patriotic Shepherd's Bush kit right now. Watch for the finish and the chart. I will be giving away the chart and whatever threads remain.

Stitching and praying,
My Garden Pals


cucki said...

Very pretty gift♡♡
Sweet pictures
Big hugs x

Unknown said...

Love your garden pals :-) what a lovely idea to send some seeds from your garden as well. Really thoughtful!
~ Summer

Jacqueline Morris said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift you sent to June. Her garden is wonderful and I am sure the seeds you sent her will look amazing once grown :),... Just like your beautiful garden.
Such a shame about the postage rates... saying that though I nearly had a heart attack when I posted my giveaway prizes!! ha ha
Smiles xx

Lillie said...

You've put in a lovely package for June.

I know what you mean, the postage at my end here are getting expensive too.

Love the blooms in your garden, so beautiful and pink

Dovilė said...

very cute and beautiful gift! lovely flowers)

Brigitte said...

Such a lovely gift for June's birthday. And wonderful pictures of your flowers in the garden.
Yes, international postage is really expensive, particularly when it's for something as heavy as a magazine. Even sending it within the country would not be cheap. I can understand your decision.

butterfly said...

Lovely post , your garden is looking beautiful ,
thank you for my seeds I will be putting them in the garden this coming week .
Love my magnet it is sitting in my kitchen .

Why is the post so costly ! same here , they are spoiling our fun .
Have a great week hugs.

Solstitches said...

Lovely gifts for June.
How nice that seeds from your garden will be planted in hers.
Yes, international postage is a killer. I would love to sell some stuff on eBay but it's just not feasible.
Margaret x

Krista said...

Gorgeous flowers!

Hilda said...

Such a lovely gift you made for your friend June! I also love the idea of gifting someone with seeds of a flower that grows in your garden.
And you have really wonderful flowers!
Have a nice day!

Julie said...

I know a lot of ladies who have had to stop sending things out de to the increasing postage costs...very sad.

Your flowers looks gorgeous and such a super gift you made for June's birthday.

LaNelle said...

Beautiful gift you made.. I love anything with birds...lovely idea with seeds from your garden another way she will always remember you...blessings in the week ahead!

KimM said...

Pretty gift for June. You are so sweet. Your flowers are so pretty.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Lovely stitching. What a sweet gift. :)

Awww look at those two adorable fur babies at the end of your post. They always make me smile.

Blessings always sweet friend.

Giovanna said...

That little bird is just adorable! I can quite see how you have to give up sending internationally with those prices...

Margaret said...

Such a sweet gift for June! Love the pic of the pups -- such sweeties! Your garden is lovely!

Mii Stitch said...

Sweet gifts for June and pretty flowers :)

Mii Stitch said...

Sweet gifts for June and pretty flowers :)

Carol said...

What perfect gifts for our dear June, Vickie! And I never would have thought of sending seeds--that would be a nice inexpensive way of sending a gift. It really has gotten prohibitive to send too many packages overseas, that's for sure!

Michelle said...

A beautiful gift for June Vickie - so sweet. I have to agree with you on the international post. A couple of years ago once I had mailed off stitching gifts and family gifts overseas the postage alone cost me £120.00 and these were 'light' gifts. I had to cut back so much xx

Melanie said...

Very cute little bird!!

Those last postal increases were BRUTAL. Costs me between $7-$9 to mail a handful of beads internationally nowadays. Like, less than 3oz handful. I'm all for people getting paid a fair wage but yikes. It used to be HALF that just a couple years ago. :(

Penny said...

What a lovely gift you put together for June! Beautiful flowers ~ I am so behind in my gardening, and now we are in a mini heat wave. :)

moreofhim said...

What a lovely gift you gave! You area so sweet and I know totally blessed your friend. Your garden is so gorgeous! Thanks for always sharing the gorgeous pictures.

Blessings - Julie

Annette-California said...

Such a sweet gift you stitched for June! Love all your beautiful flowers - wow. I just mailed off a package today (Germany) for an exchange and I was very surprised how much it cost - ouch!!! $27.85 no joke! I bet June loves her magnet you made her.
love Annette

Jennifer said...

Postage all around is exorbitant. Ridiculous even. It's really a shame because I think it does contribute to illegal sharing and copyright violation. So much easier to email a scan or download a file than it is to send the actual chart.

But what a lovely gift for your friend - I'm sure she loves it. And I LOVE those peonies. :-)

Sally said...

Such a pretty gift for June.

Your flowers look so pretty.

I understand about the postage. It is just getting so expensive everywhere now.