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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I Have Been Sewing

Hi friends! How are you today? It has been raining for over half a week straight here. That makes the pain go up unfortunately.

I did finish off the front room valances. Chocolate and cream fabrics. Same fabric as the foot stool I showed you a few weeks ago. Not sure you can see them very well, but the buttons are covered in the same fabric. Brian and Madeleine wanted to help me cover all the buttons. Sure! That was nice. :)
For the first picture I caught the few minutes of sunshine we had. The windows are clean! The two screens need to be removed and cleaned. Brian does that with the hose. ;)
Here are the two chocolate table runners I made.
This was my Great Aunt Ethel's end table with a book shelf. Not in the best condition, but I love it anyways. The rooster planter was my Grandma's.
This is my Great Aunt Ethel's cedar chest she left for me.

Aren't these neat? My friend Tatiana made them. They are discarded CDs from her work. She then crochets over them and gives them as gifts to use as coasters. Never would have thought of that!
I am beading away on Theotokos. Nearing the end!

Our dear Mabel's back is flared up again. We took her to the vet on Monday. She is on her 4 different medications to hopefully bring her back to her normal. She can still walk some. One of the meds is a pain pill.
We are praying. If you want to pray for her too, I welcome that and appreciate it. We love her so much. The vet did not mention taking another x-ray, and we probably won't. She already has 7 slipped discs. We know more can slip also. Another may have. This incident was triggered by, believe it or not, her anal glands. She had full anal glands, so she was scooting her rump around on the grass trying to alleviate herself. The hunched position and the pressure, hurt her little back.

We are giving her the best of care and keeping her as comfortable as possible. We have learned since her back problems began just over one year ago now, that recovery takes weeks.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have a beautiful day my friends!

Beading and praying,


Margaret said...

Oh no, poor little Mabel! :( Lots of prayers for both you and her. It's no fun living with constant pain. Love your new valances and table runners. Beautiful! Lovely pieces from your great aunt too. I love antique furniture. Very cool on those coasters -- so clever!

KimM said...

Oh, poor Mabel! She will be in my prayers.
Lovely sewing - you've been busy!!

gracie said...

Sweet Mabel.....
Love all the sewing you have been doing. I love those creative.

Melissa said...

Oh, poor Mabel! I hope the new meds will help. Sending both of you prayers for healing.

You've been busy creating lots of wonderful things! I've never made a valance before. I like those crocheted CD's that your friend made. What a great idea!

Varla Lee said...

All your sewing finished are beautiful, but to see's so sad, poor my dear furry little princess!! I'll pray for her. Hugs!

Melissa said...

Beautiful sewing Vickie :) I'm gearing up to start sewing up my curtains as well!!! Exciting times :)

Poor little Mabel. But I have a firm belief that she's a little fighter that one! Hopefully she's up and running around in no time!


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Your sewing projects looks awesome!

Sending prayers for sweet Mabel that her back will heal quickly. She is so adorable.

Blessings always sweet friend.

marly said...

She was doing so well! Maybe her recovery will be quick with no additional disc involvement, and that's what everyone is hoping. Nice sewing work. Perfect pattern placement.

♥ Nia said...

Sweet Mabel! Hope she will feel better soon!!
Great idea with those CDs ;)

cucki said...

Sweet sewing project ...
Aww cute Mabel ..I hope she get well soon...
Big hugs x

Jacqueline Morris said...

Awe poor Mabel...hope she feels better soon.
You have indeed been busy with your sewing machine. And what lovely things you have made too.. :)
LOVE the CD coasters your friend made, brilliant idea.
Smiles to you and a special one for Mabel too :) :)

Annette-California said...

oooh Poor Mabel. Prayers for her and YOU.
You made lovely table runners and the valance for your window is beautiful Vickie.
The coasters are out of this world - gorgeous.
love Annette

Mouse said...

awww bless her cotton paws you can tell in her eyes she is in pain ... hope she starts to feel much better soon ...
love the tatted cd's and your chest is gorgeous .... love mouse xxxx

Beth said...

Poor dear Mabel. Hate it when our "kids" do not feel well.

moreofhim said...

Awww, poor little Mabel. Praying for her quick healing!!

Everything looks so beautiful - you're a wonderful seamstress!

Many blessings - Julie

Chris said...

Sending prayers and well wishes Mabel's way.
Lovely sewing, everything looks great! I hope that you get some sunshine soon!

Carol said...

Poor little Mabel--I'm so sorry to read that she is having more pain (and you, too, Vickie--the weather affects our health so much, doesn't it?)... I hope the new medication kicks in for her soon.

Lovely curtains and table runners--the room is really coming together. And how special to have those old furniture pieces from your Great Aunt Ethel. I especially love that cedar chest (AND the glimpse of the corner cupboard in the background--I've always wanted a corner cupboard!).

Take care now--and happy May!

Michelle said...

Oh poor sweet Mabel. Hope she soon feels brighter. Lovely sewing xx

Julie said...

I hope Mable is recovering well.
Love the crochet coasters, clever idea.