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Friday, August 16, 2013

Cross Stitcher In Residence Winner

Hi friends! The winner of the Giveaway is Mary Jane! Mary Jane will you please email me your address? Also, Carol, Vicki, and Angela P won something too. All three of these ladies guessed fuchsia and they were specifically right. ;) 
Carol, Vicki and Angela, I have mailed you out your prizes. I am a tiny bit concerned as I have not heard back from a single one of you three.Edit: I have now heard back from all three ladies. I have given everyone something different.

Gotta say,it is not a good morning for me. I have had a terrible time with gastritis again. I haven't thrown up this time around. Only because I learned the hard way in the spring when I had this terrible two times. I had never, ever thrown up that way in my life. Ever. Didn't know you could keep throwing up for over a day from gastritis. And nothing but bile. I have had one banana and a handful of crackers in two days. I called the doctor late Wednesday. Unfortunately, I forgot my doctor is off on Wednesday. I called 3 times yesterday, but he likes to take care of calls himself sometimes which is very nice, but that means waiting til after 5:00 when he is done seeing patients. I am so weak. This is the first time I have been on the computer since Wed. early afternoon. He doubled the over-the-counter acid reducer I take when my stomach gets bad. He also added in Galvascon, a heavy duty stomach coater that I can take up to 4 times daily. I felt a very minor difference before bed last night and this morning barely. I am going back to bed. That is where I have been for 36 hours mainly. It is best to just try to sleep it off. It does not work of course, but I would rather be out than awake to this awful pain.My doctor insists that if I am not better by Monday, I need to come in for blood work.

The reason my gastritis even flared up this time is because of stress. Jacob has been putting off everything. A few things the University required were even late in being sent in. Brian insists it is time we back off and let him grow up, even if it means failure. I do know this, and I realize this sounds silly to some of you. It is just so very,very hard to train myself to let go. I like control and I like things done my way. Well, he will soon be 19 and he is in college now. I will with God's help not only back off, but try not to freak out on the inside. Only with God's help can I do this.

Also, this week I have been weaning off my prescription for my SI joint pain that I have been on for years. At the same time I have been slooowly building up the Neurontin, the one I was on 9 years ago. This kept my pain at a 2 level. I hope it works that way again of course. Can't tell yet, as I am taking it twice daily and need to take it three times daily starting tomorrow. So one more day of bad pain, I hope. But this is the medication I battled it out with insurance for. It took over a week, but they approved of it. Praise God! Our different insurances over the years all denied me. We once again provided proof that I tried 4 different generic manufacturers of Neurontin and none of them provided good pain relief. I never used to believe there was a difference in generic and brand name. Friends, pain does not lie!!

This is the freebie I was stitching over a week ago. I am pretty sure I do not like it anymore. =(
At least definitely not for what I had planned. What do you think of it? The colors seem weird together. It is the leaves mainly, I don't think fit. Why are leaves growing off a grey, swirly thing. So I have one UFO now friends. =)

I started another freebie a week ago. But have not touched a needle in days. 

This is what Mabel looked like last week, right after I clipped her face, neck, tummy and feet. Then I bathed her and blow dried. Do you see the color fade from grey to silver down her legs. =)
This is how she looks now, all clipped and beautiful.
Going back to bed now friends. I am usually very, very good at commenting on all your blogs. It won't be that way for a little bit. I am sure you understand. Thank you for coming by. I am thankful for you all, old and new friends!!

Resting and praying,


Parsley said...

Oh dear friend...I'm with you in the 'letting go' process of the kiddos. So hard to see my girl leave my protection, even in small ways. Let's support one another in prayer!

Such a sweet baby girl, that Mabel.

Vicki said...

Ugh! I'm sorry to hear that you're ill. I do not like stomach illnesses, they sap the strength right out of you. You know the drill - get plenty of rest and drink as many fluids as you can keep down. Take care, friend!

PS. I know the whole "letting go" thing is easier said than done, but it is a critical phase of achieving adulthood. I had to do it four times and I wish I could tell you it was simple, but it was challenging. Now, years later, I can see the results of letting go. Hang in there!

Cath said...

Hope you feel better soon. x

Melissa said...

I hope you feel better soon Vickie!

I agree with you on the UFO leaves... they seem kinda weird. I'd be tempted just just leave it out or put in more swirls.

Sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way for a speedy recovery.


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

God bless you sweet friend, I will keep you in my prayers that you will be feeling better very soon. I will also pray that the meds will stop your joint pain, too.

Aww Mabel is so adorable! She has the sweetest little face.

You need to check out my friend Mere's blog, she has a Mr. 19 year old in college, too...and you both have the same worries:

I do hope you get to feeling better very soon sweet friend.

Blessings to you always

Shirley said...

Hi Vickie, I hope you get to feeling better soon. I hope the medication that you fought to get helps. Letting go of kids is hard and some the more you fuss at them, the more they drag the feet. They have to learn the hard way. I know that you have to keep still which in my case is very hard to do. I will keep you in my prayers, Approval is done for the eye surgery to have my cataract removed. They just have to schedule it. Many Hugs and Prayers coming from Your Missouri Friend.

Mii Stitch said...

Hope you'll get well soon xox

cucki said...

Hope you feel better soon.
Congrats to winners.
Big hugs x

gracie said...

Sending good thoughts to oyou and hugs too!

butterfly said...

Oh Vickie I am so sorry you are not well, I know how poorly it can make you .
Just cut out all food for 24 hours and just sip boiled
Lemonade. After 24 hours just have a small piece of lightly buttered toast, you should be able to hold it down, hope this helps, sending you hugs.

Bev said...

It's very hard to let go of your loved ones, My boys are now 32, 30 and 28 and have families of their own. My middle son refused point blank to go to university (the other 2 did) I wanted him to go so much, he joined the Army, did eight and a half years has now got his own family and working his way up in his job sometimes I think...maybe things happen/or don't for a reason and it works out ok in the end!!! I hope you are feeling better real soon xx

Michelle said...

Congratulations to the winners - I hope you feel better soon my friend x

moreofhim said...

Oh, Vickie - I'm SO sorry you're going through more health issues! It's so hard when you have more than one thing going on. I am sending up extra prayers for you, my friend.

It's really hard to let our children stand on their own...I'm still learning that myself. I think there's a fine line about this and I'm still trying to figure it all out.

Guess what? Your purse looks almost like mine! lol I couldn't believe it! Mine is a wee bit lighter in color, but really, they could be twin purses. Isn't that something? More things we both like! :)

May God bring peace to your mind, comfort and healing to your body and His presence enfold you completely! You are in my thoughts and prayers,my friend!

Much love and many blessings - Julie

moreofhim said...

P.S. Mabel looks adorable!! You do such a wonderful job of grooming her! I love the beautiful silver in her coat. She's such a treasure and I know she blesses you so much. Praying for her continued healing, also.

Blessings - Julie

Catherine said...

Sending hugs and prayers.......Mabel is such a seet pup!

Margaret said...

Oh dear. I can so understand how you are stressed about Jacob. Yes, it's soooooo hard to let our kids make their own mistakes, isn't it? I've been having a very hard time with that as well. Very very. My two are giving me fits these days. And DS will be going back to college soon too so there will be even more stress. So when you are stressing about Jacob, remember that I'm stressing about my two as well and totally understand. We can stress together. lol! I hope your gastritis gets better -- and i hope that med works for your pain like it used to. Hooray for it being cleared by insurance! Mabel looks so pretty! Silver to grey -- that's so interesting! The freebie looks pretty to me, but it's hard to tell the colors on my laptop. Feel better, my friend. Hugs.

Krista said...

Mabel looks so very sweet :) I do hope you are feeling better!

Janet P said...

I am so sorry to hear about your health problems, sounds like you can see light at the end of the tunnel. It is very difficult to let the children go, but we have to, they will soon learn one way or the other. keep your chin up.x

Brigitte said...

So sorry to hear that you have gastritis. It can be so painful but hopefully you will soon feel better. At least you get your pain medication now paid by your insurance.

Melanie said...

Hope you feel better soon!!!

Penny said...

I don't think your stress over Jacob is silly at all! It's very difficult not to want to step in and fix everything - very difficult to let them make mistakes. It hasn't stopped for me, even as my children have gotten older. They do seem to come out okay in the end, though. Wish I could say the same about my nerves. :) So sorry about the gastritis - it sounds horrible. Hope you are feeling better very soon! So happy to hear your insurance will cover your pain medication. Mabel is a beauty. :)

Angela said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. My Mom gets the same problems from time to time and she can't eat anything for days at a time. Have you tried Nexium for it? It's the only thing that has helped my Mom deal with it but it's a prescription here in Canada.

I've been on Neurontin for years, it was the only thing that has helped me deal with my chronic pain too. I found that I was OK with one generic brand but another didn't do anything for me, so my Pharmacist orders the brand that works :)

Thanks for sending me something, I promise to let you know the moment your parcel arrives. Our mail is well know for being slow!

Take care :)

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

I have the same concerns you, there is a drug in France I do not know if it is in you is: Mopral capsules works very well for me .... I hope you will be better soon and pray for that my sweet friend! kisses

Chris said...

I hope that you are feeling better Vickie! Please don't let Jacob stress you out. People work different ways an often end up with the same results.
I love the way the colors are looking on the freebie. I think they are gorgeous together.
Wishing you all good things for the next week.

Julie said...

I hope you are soon feeling much better.
It is so hard to let go as your children grow and become indepedant, best wishes as you try hard to let him be his own man.
A super bag, great colour, I would never have guessed that.

Lumiruusu said...

You are in Prayers my sweet blogging-friend!

Simply Victoria said...

Thanks for sharing the picture of the fuchsia purse ; ) Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Parenting is not for the faint of heart, no matter what age our kids are. Entrust him to the Lord and he will be in better hands than your own.

Lillie said...

Get well soon Vickie, sorry you got so stressed out, I know sometimes it's hard to let go; let go but keep an eye. I know it's easy said than done but it's the only way the kids will learn to stand on their own.

Take care and hugs

Trace4J said...

Praying for you friend.
Prayer and supporting each other is a wonderful thing.
Woolie Blessings & Hugs

Anne said...

Congrats to the winners! I'm sure they will love whatever you send to them. That bag is just gorgeous Vickie!! So sorry to hear about your gastrointestinal and acid reflex issues. My mom is on Gaviscon for her acid reflex that was ruined when she was on multiple meds for cancer. She has a hard time eating anything without her esophagus flaring up. I sure hope that it helps you. Praying for you and your son that he gets things done. I'm sure he will but it must be hard to have to try and not interfere. I know I would. I like that little design you are stitching but if you find the leaf weird maybe just add one of those ball things there instead?! Hugs and prayres!

Peggy Lee said...

Catching up on my blog reading today...I hope you are feeling better!
I know it's hard to sit back and let your kids learn. I'm not sure I mastered that one. Good luck to you!
Of course your purse is of a pink color. Could it be anything else?

Cindy said...

I hope you are feeling better soon, you have had such an awful time lately. I know how hard it is to let your kids grow up. I remember the day one of my boys moved out to his first apartment, and I cried all day. He has since moved home, but I had to let him try it, the only way they learn. Mabel is so precious, almost makes me want another dog!

Varla Lee said...

I hope you feel better now! I'm so sorry about you are not feelling good sometimes. The Mabels pics are lovely, she is so clean and cute and yes, i can see the silver hair in her little legs. Hugs, i will pray hard again and again.

temari by the sea said...

Get well soon!

Actually I love what stitched and the colours.

Meari said...

Mabel is such a cutie pie :)