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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Cuteness

Good Morning my friends! Glad you stopped by. Thank you for your comments and kind words.

I have had an idea for a Valentine stitch for a few years. I decided this is the year to stitch it and get it done! Brian and I shared the 3 chocolates that were in this little Russell Stover chocolate box.
I have had this freebie waiting in my stash for years. It is called Mouse's Valentine. Aren't they precious? I used this freebie for the heart framing them. This is stitched on white 28 count Meran linen, one over one.
I have had this freebie in my stash for years also. I cannot find the link anywhere on the internet, I am sorry.
This is stitched 2 over 2 on 25ct mushroom Lugana. I fussy cut the back with some pretty pink and brown fabric from my stash.
It's filled with crushed walnut shells.
 I am stitching up a scissor fob for myself right now. I finished up The Bridesmaid by Beverly Lewis. Very good book. I really enjoy her writing. I'm gonna head on over to the library this morning. I am all out of books.

Have a wonderful day my friends. It is the beginning of Lent. The kids will receive ashes twice today! Once at Mass at school and tonight at our church service. Do you partake in Lent? Do you receive ashes in your church? I have another question. Do you "give something up" for Lent? I still have that Catholic trait in me. (I was Catholic the first 30 years of my life. I became Lutheran like my husband and children.) I gave up Hot Chocolates and Tea Chai Lattes. I don't drink coffee or tea, but I drink those yummies once a day, at home, almost every day. A very small sacrifice really, I know. Once, when I was about 20, I gave up all sweets and all meats for the whole 40 days. Now that was a challenge! But I did it.

If you haven't seen, I am having a giveaway. Take a look here. I find it ironic that it is my "200 Follower Giveaway" and I lost one follower and am now back at 199. ;)

Well, anyhow, take care til tomorrow. I'll be back with the Secret Sweetheart Stitching post. =)

Stitching and praying,


cucki said...

Aww such sweet hearts,,I love hearts..
Love the cute mousie..
Big hugs x

Trace4J said...

Beautiful and sweet all rolled into one.
Happy Valentine's Day Friend
Woolie Hugs

Annie said...

Love the sweet mice! I have those candy boxes waiting around for that 'someday' finish myself. You are inspiring me to use them!

riona said...

Lovely Valentines.

And, yes, I do observe Lent. In fact I'll be crossing the parking lot at noon and heading over to the church for the abbreviated service [Readings from Scripture rather than a full Mass] to receive ashes. As to "giving up", I follow the Catholic practice of observing Lent with more frequent prayer, sacrifice and almsgiving. What I will do my best to "give up" this Lent is nagging my poor recently laid-off-from-his-job and now-house-husband about the little insignificant things: usually involving household messiness or failure to do a simple chore as asked. Since I will also have to give up eye-rolling and dramatic sighing to observe the spirit as well as the letter of this sacrifice, things could get pretty dicey for me this Lent.

butterfly said...

Beautiful heart stitching it is so sweet ,hugs.

Margaret said...

I love the hearts you made. The mice are so cute!

Annie said...

Sweet stitching!

Annette-California said...

Your heart box filled with more lovely stitched hearts are all BEAUTIFUL!!! Such great detail you did Vickie. Happy Valentines Day to you. love Annette

EvalinaMaria said...

Thank you Vickie. Your little mice are so adorable, I found the chart and I'm just ready to start stitching them also.

I'm born and raised Catholic but I do not mind to attend other churches. While leaving in California the closest church was Lutheran and that's the one I've attended. Today I think that I am a Christian (not just the Catholic) and since all religions are 'man made' I really do not care any more. There is only one God after all. I do not know why but this Lent is 'important' to me. I'm giving up chocolate and meat, reading 'The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah' and I'm digging up long forgotten piece 'Jesus' (the pic is on my blog. Hugs :)

Myra said...

Cute stitching Vickie! Love the chocolate heart with the bite missing. :o)

Ranae said...

Cute pieces
I'm with Myra on the bite missing

Peggy Lee said...

Those little mice are sooo cute!!
You've been busy.
Happy Valentines Day ♥

Astrids dragon said...

What a great idea for the heart box, perfect pattern!

Jane said...

Lovely stitching Vickie and those mice are adorable!
I often look at charts and fabric in my stash and think 'will I ever use them' but it just goes to show that they may sit there a long time but you're so pleased that you did keep them!
Happy Valentines to you x

Brigitte said...

Oh, how cute is that! Such a lovely heart-shaped little box with the pinkeep heart inside. The chocolate heart with the bite missing is just hilarious. Comes very near to what happens in real life, don't you think? Lol.

Shirlee said...

Lovely mouse stitching Vickie! I hope you & your sweetheart had a lovely Valentines Day!

Melanie said...

Oh my gosh, those mice are the cutest things ever! Soooooooooooo adorable!!!

Meari said...

What an adorable finish!! So cute.

Catherine said...

Such a sweet finish!