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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend Stitch

Good morning everybody! Welcome to Nicky my newest follower. I am so glad to have all of you here. You make my day with your friendly comments. Thank you. =)

The last thing I told you was that I was going to stitch up an ornament for one of the kids this weekend. Well I began that on 32ct over 2. I just don't like that. It looked to big. The dark blue just wasn't covering very well either. So I tossed that. But I decided the dark blue I had wasn't quite the right match to the high school's color blue. It was too late at night to go to JoAnn. So I decided to start the Angel ornament I am making my mother for Christmas. I had the pattern. I knew I had linen. I only had half of the DMC. Well, the next stitch waiting to be done was one for myself. =)

one over two on 36ct tea stained linen
I found this precious, little stitcher here, on Nuestras Miniaturas. I just love little stitches. Dollhouse miniatures are awesome to me. =) Even with me stitching this little freebie over two, her finished size is 1 3/4 x 2 3/4 inches. Sweet! I have a little basket I have planned for the finishing of her. I found it at Good Will this summer. I don't remember the price right now, but I do remember it was dirt cheap.

I used Weeks Cinnabar floss. I love this color. (Thanks again Peggy!) The true colors don't seem to be showing with these pictures. Maybe when she is finished the true golden tones will show more. I need to go to JoAnn again for some finishing fabric. I don't have anything suitable for this pin pillow.

I did get the correct school colors in DMC yesterday. Navy blue and dark canary. So I did barely begin the school logo Christmas ornament. I will stitch it on white 32 ct still, but one over one. I also am adding a neat antique motif I found that is used to surround monograms. Now to stitch in secret! ;)

I did finish the book I was reading by Bill Cosby. It was funny. Just not hilarious. I thought it would be very funny. I found the book at the library by chance.

Have a great day in the Lord everyone!

Stitching and praying,


Catherine said...

Sweet ornament!

butterfly said...

Such lovely stitching love the colour and the design, just wonderful hugs.

Giovanna said...

What a sweet finish, well done.

Margaret said...

Love the finish! Good for you for finding that elusive color for the HS symbol too. I saw in a window while in Boston a needlepoint canvas that had DS's college shield on it. I need to get that and start working on it for DS!

cucki said...

aww she is so sweet..i love her so much..
hugs xx

Chris said...

Lovely stitching. That WDW color is great.
Hugs to you and Mabel.

Carol said...

I'm with you on loving little stitches, Vickie :) Can't get enough of the "tiny" things! Thanks for the link to the little stitcher--your finish is adorable! Am looking forward to see your finish on the little basket :)

Deb said...

I love your finish and thank you so much for the link! I normally don't do small things, but I definitely have to do her for the case for stitching needles!

I'm a huge fan of dollhouse miniatures too. In fact, I want to ask Santa for a dollhouse kit for Christmas - like I need another hobby!

Can't wait to see your basket finish!

Meari said...

What a cute little finish, and thanks for the link! I may have to stitch that one up, too.

I had a poodle that looked just like yours. His name was Henry. :)

Minnie said...

Vickie I just love that little stitcher design, I'm sorry you had to throw out your first try at the school color ornament but I'm sure you're back on the right track and will have it finished in no time flat.

Michelle said...

Such a cute little stitch, I love the floss colour!

Lillie said...

A lovely design and nice choice of floss color.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That is such a cute design. I clicked on the link but it took me to the chart not the place it came from!
Could you email me the link to the website please so I can bookmark it?

Thanks very much!

Melanie said...

Very nice little stitchy!!! I love that cinnabar color as well. :)

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Oh I love your dog very beautiful love !!!

your stitching very cute !!
bisous de France

sorry bad english

Trace4J said...

Good Morning
Praying praying praying!
And believing they will see why the pain for so long during the MRI.
And trusting you will be pain free soon.Nothing is too difficult for thee. Could'nt reply back to you in email sorry.
Hugs & JOy

Sally said...

I love the ornament you stitched. The thread you used is a lovely colour.